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07 September 2008

In the same way colleges give honorary degrees, I think we should make people honorary Mechazens.[More:] I nominate Tim Gunn. I would like to think his fabulous advice sprinkled with intellectual snark would fit in well here.
Tim Gunn is perfect. Should the honoree get an official scroll or a tiara and a carrot shaped scepter?
posted by MonkeyButter 07 September | 18:14
elvis costello because he's brilliant, cool and has real snark value at appropriate or inappropriate times - depending upon your perspective.
posted by eatdonuts 07 September | 18:15
Honorees will get jeweled crowns with bunny ears, and carrot shaped scepters.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 September | 18:16
I think we should invite David Byrne to comment more often. C'mon David, join in; you could be a bunny.
posted by DarkForest 07 September | 18:18
How about pins and an official scroll.
Who's got the pin makers?

Oooh ooh, we could have pins like merit badges!
posted by ethylene 07 September | 18:20
I second David Byrne.
posted by eekacat 07 September | 18:21
Handsome Dick Manitoba. He already likes us.
posted by jonmc 07 September | 18:24
All the Davids, Bowie, Lynch--
i'd rather we just got some of our old users back.
posted by ethylene 07 September | 18:25
i'd rather we just got some of our old users back.

Like me?
posted by item 07 September | 19:29
Hey, item! *waves* You okay?
posted by goo 07 September | 19:33
How about a couple of Pauls? Namely, Westerberg and Weller?
posted by richat 07 September | 19:53
How about Jamie Farr, just because?
posted by jonmc 07 September | 20:08
I'll only accept Jamie Farr if we can have Abe Vigoda too.
posted by Meatbomb 08 September | 06:21
John Cleese and Michael Palin.
posted by King of Prontopia 08 September | 10:47
Ina Garten. She could host Bunnystock at her home in the Hamptons and cook lovely dinners for us all. She would tell us lots of gossipy inside stories about her time at the White House, and we would all smile indulgently when she got all giggly over Jeffrey, her husband, like a love-struck schoolgirl.
posted by essexjan 08 September | 11:07
There is no love here for Michael Palin. People would rather talk about Sarah Palin.

Can we vote people off of MeCha too. If so, I vote for me.
posted by eekacat 08 September | 12:22
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