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07 September 2008

What did you do this weekend? [More:] I had a very mellow, fun weekend. Went on two dates (one good and one bad), read a book, played wii with my 8 yr old nephew, and now I'm making a yummy tortilla soup with black beans, tofu, goat cheese, and avocado. yum.
My weekend is Sunday and Monday, so this question always kind of...weirds me out.
posted by jonmc 07 September | 22:07
We went to the Brooklyn meetup, did the fellowship table at church (I made ambrosia salad, and I have some leftover yaaay!), and now I'm sitting up pathetically refreshing ONTD to see if Britney is going to make a "surprise" performance on the VMAs.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 September | 22:18
I unexpectedly acquired a couch this weekend, which I'm quite excited about. My husband and I have been wanting to replace our living room couch, but eventually decided against it, because we didn't want to spend the money. Then I happened to run into my next door neighbor this morning, as he was moving a new couch into his apartment. I asked him what he was doing with his old couch (which is only 2 years old, and exactly what I wanted for my living room), and he offered to sell it to me for a ridiculously low price. So voila, a new couch!

The rearranging of the apartment that ensued inspired me to organize my closet, so I ended up making a trip to The Container Store to get some fancy hangers (the kind that you can put a bunch of pants or shirts on, to save space). Not everyone's idea of an exciting weekend, but I had fun!
posted by charleena 07 September | 22:28
Saturday: Farmer's market. Went back a couple times too for odds and ends. Cleaned, blanched, sliced, and froze about 12 ears-worth of corn. Made a double recipe of pomodori al forno (although I forgot to add the sugar and salt in the first step. Still tastes good.) Shelled a bunch of cranberry beans. Boiled down a bunch of red beets and a bunch of golden beets and pureed them separately to make frozen dye tablets for future use in making colored pasta. Made three batches of pasta dough, one red, one normal, and one that was supposed to be orange but is really sort of peachy-color. Made lasagna with my new pasta maker. Got a letter from my insurance telling me that the MRI that I needed to find out that I *didn't* need surgery on my knee wouldn't be covered. Swore vigorously. Fell over.

Sunday: Went to Meeting, felt really uncomfortable and anxious and had a really hard time staying through the whole thing and wanted to escape and go home early. Not feeling very sociable or very happy today. Went home and read the rest of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Made three cookie sheets, two cake pans, and a 9x13 pan-worth of farfalle in various colors. Talked to mom briefly. Ate leftover lasagna and am busy cooking the cranberry beans. Trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the night.

Bunnies, I think I am taking this local food thing too seriously. Help!
posted by Fuzzbean 07 September | 22:33
Saw my son, twice, even! Saw the grandbun on Saturday...he's getting so big...made two different batches of cookies....not enough sleep....missed church (waiting for my son to drive in)....a lot of rain.

Just finished up some brie and crackers and a little white wine. Life is good.
posted by bunnyfire 07 September | 22:45
Applied for marriage license. Picked up wedding bands. Met with wedding coordinator. Had final fitting for wedding dress. Met with photographer. Tried on veil. Had lots of premarital sex.
posted by desjardins 07 September | 22:51
Saturday: up at 7 with Olive, took some more Tylenol PM, slept until noon, went to the mall with my boyfriend where I had a smoothie, WalMart for paper towels, and dropped off some dry cleaning. Leftovers for dinner, asleep by 9.

Sunday: up at 7 with Olive, took Sudafed, stayed up, went to church, swung by the gym and grabbed my earphones, made meal list for the week, went grocery shopping, took more sudafed, two hour nap, ate dinner with an X-Files episode, expect to be asleep by 9.
posted by rhapsodie 07 September | 23:14
yesterday we lazed around and did a ton of house chores and yard work. today the mister and I went and rode probably 80% of the trails on this map. it took us five hours and I swear to god all but maybe 2 sections were uphill. Tho that's actually almost logical since we parked at Shinglemill which is the high point, and the entire park slopes downward roughly about 3000' from there.

my ass is severely kicked and I am going to sleeeeep!
posted by lonefrontranger 07 September | 23:16
Went on a mediocre date Friday night (not terrible but not good enough to go out again).
Went to yoga and to the MOMA on Sat, went to the Brooklyn meetup.
Didn't go surfing today, did have coffee with former roommate, went to a safari-themed dinner party in the city at my best friend's place and stayed late to catch up.
Tomorrow morning I have my first physical in a few years, so I didn't drink at the dinner :(
posted by rmless2 07 September | 23:19
Britney looked lovely, fit and sane. Good for her!

We stayed in yesterday due to the rain. The girl decided that she was a saber-tooth tiger and that the baby was a tapir. Much hunting ensued.

Then today the mister headed down to the Eagles game and I took the kids to the Oyster Picnic. Good smalltown fun.
posted by jrossi4r 07 September | 23:35
Had BBQ with the parents-in-law and step-twins for Fathers Day. Ate far too much. Didn't drink enough. Was gassed by step-twin #1's fiance's aftershave. Put up a magnetic knife rack. Currently ignoring the metric shit-ton of washing up waiting in the kitchen. COnsidering permanant shift to paper plates. Right now trying to eat half a cheesecake whilst fighting the cat for it. Wondering if there's any vodka left in the bar...
posted by ninazer0 07 September | 23:38
Canned pickled mixed vegetables, ketchup, and eggplant. Sewed a pillow cover. Did a bazillion loads of laundry, mopped the kitchen floor, made cheeseburgers, grilled turkey, wished to have this puppy, took a picture of my luxurious grey cat who would probably hate me forever if I brought that puppy into her life.
posted by birdie 07 September | 23:50
I recently got into this new freeware game which is, apparently, the best ever. It's called Cave Story, and right now I'd say that it's a cross between the old-school bliss of MegaMan and the Kafkaesque intrigue of Portal. There's even a version for the Amiga!

But yeah....that's what I did....all weekend.
posted by hellojed 08 September | 00:17
Football! Lots and lots of football. Also, some wind & rain, & hanging with the 4 leggers. And I bought fruit that I don't know is any good or not - a pear that has no smell & is hard as a rock. I'm hoping it's just not ripe yet.
posted by chewatadistance 08 September | 00:31
Friday: NOTHING! I played Zelda, changed my sheets, washed my hair, and that was it. So nice.

Saturday: Had Cajun for lunch with my best friends. Ran into a buddy of ours which inspired me to invite a bunch of friends over on the spur of the moment. Most were out of town/already doing something/etc. Some other friends invited me to a bar later on instead, but I already had people over so no dice. I hate when groups of friends don't get along.

Today: hit the grocery store and spent a bit too much. We needed a couple big-ticket items, though... When did razor blades become a major freaking expense? I swear almost a third of the total bill for four big bags of food was for two little packs of blades. Disposables may be environmentally worse, but shit, I can't afford $200 a year to keep myself from looking like a shaggy dog.

I also did all the prepwork on a waist cincher in black satin with a red chrysanthemum design. (drafting the pattern, cutting the pattern, fusing the satin to the coutil, cutting that, cutting the twill lining, making bias tape to bind the edges, marking where the front busk will go. All that is generally longer than the actual sewing.)
posted by kellydamnit 08 September | 00:36
Saturday, went to the farmers' market and talked to lots of farmers. Got good advice on cooking the Alaskan wild-caught sockeye salmon that I made for dinner that night; tragically miscooked the Italian green beans (which I think were actually romano beans) that I bought from a man who told me about all the TLC they had required to grow. :-(

At the market, I also bought kabocha squash, which makes me happy because I like saying "KABOCHA SQUASH!," even if just in my head, but also because it is yummy. But a slightly weird Asian couple was selling them at the farmers' market, and there was much angst over my change, as the woman didn't seem to speak English and the man didn't seem to be able to count or recognize Arabic numbers or something, so she kept trying to give me the correct change and he kept telling her it was the wrong amount, but she couldn't understand me telling her that it was right and he didn't believe me because he thought she was handing me three ones instead of two ones and a five. Eventually we worked it out, and I jokingly told the man "See, she was right all along!" and then I spent the rest of the day worrying that I had insulted him horribly by taking her side in public. Sigh.

Also, ikkyu and I washed both cars. And I got my errands done.

Today, late start to the day, lots of football and other tv watching, and then I went to Barnes and Noble and read the second Gossip Girl book, because I am too embarrassed to actually buy them. Tonight ikkyu smoked a tri-tip, and I sauteed the gypsy peppers I bought at the market, and I fried the Jimmy Nardello frying peppers that ikkyu picked from the garden, and I apparently channeled Fuzzbean and cooked cranberry beans with garlic and sage, and I put together a salad that included garden-grown tomatoes, and ikkyu and I had a lovely dinner. Complemented by a fair amount of cabernet. And now we are eating Trader Joe's gluten-free peanut-butter cookies and I am drinking Pernod, which I did not think would go with the cookies (I wanted limencello but we had none) but really does.

Also, Trader Joe's gluten-free peanut-butter cookies are da bomb. They are by far the best gluten-free baked good that I have ever had; I would not be able to tell them apart from floury things.

And I am mad that Tom Brady is injured, because he is my quarterback for my fantasy league and now I have no fucking clue what I'm going to do.
posted by occhiblu 08 September | 00:50
Friday: Went to work. Our CEO was in town and he took all of to lunch, hung out a bit, asked us if we needed anything, then split. I left work a bit early to deliver something to one of our partners in Fremont. I had a bit of time to kill before meeting friends for drinks so took a nice leisurely ride through Magnolia (Seattle neighborhood) before ending up at the bar in the Pike Place Market. It was a lovely night and a big group of us sat outside on the patio, belatedly celebrating a friend's birthday.

Saturday: I came home from my girlfriend's place, changed the oil and did some maintenance on my bike. I goofed off awhile, then met my bandmates at The Skylark (West Seattle) and played a went quite well! Then M. and I went down to the Cretins MC's clubhouse for a drink. It was a pre-function for the annual Isle of Vashon TT. We got home around 2.

Sunday: Rolled out of bed at 9AM. Got my gear on, hopped on my bike and joined a group of biker buddies on the ferry to Vashon Island. The event is put on by the Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts, it's a poker run and their big fund raiser. It was a beautiful cloudless day and after roaring into downtown Vashon, I paid join the poker run, but wound up spending the next several hours talking and smoking on the patio behind the bar. The last checkpoint was closing, so we rode down to see what was going on. There were literally hundreds of motorcycles on the island, everything from flashy new BMW's and sportbikes to vintage Ducatis, Nortons, BSA's, Matchless', Indians and H-D's. My group hung out and looked at bikes, then we went over to one of the Cretin's houses for a BBQ. We took the 7:10 ferry home. The sun was setting and Mt. Rainier looked absolutely majestic in the evening light.

A damn fine weekend.
posted by black8 08 September | 01:08
Saturday - did some prep work for installing all the wiring in the house later this week. Put the first coat of sealer on the new front door, which makes it look even more awesome (it's a pivot door eight feet tall, over five feet wide and made of Surian Red Cedar - a real indulgence at close to $3k, but I just had to have it).

Sunday - left home at 4.20am to run in the Bridge to Brisbane (finished the 10k in a few seconds over an hour). Stuffed myself at the free breakfast in our department's corporate tent, then hung around after the finish to watch the prize draw for two cars, one of which a co-worker of mine won! After getting home, put a second coat of sealer on the door and hung out with the kids (plus opened Fathers' Day presents). Packed to fly to Canberra this afternoon for a two-day conference on Australian Regulatory Reform (yawn).
posted by dg 08 September | 06:12
Saturday: I went to Dillards and bought a cute brown shirt with small polka dots and ecru lace at the neckline. I also bought two dressy t-shirts that are made from a rayon blend. One teal and one emerald green.

Saturday night we went to my in-laws for dinner. Husband's aunt and uncle were in town for the weekend. We had lasagna and Italian sausage and salad. I drank three glasses of Cabernet. Lately, desert has been a big calorific affair at the inlaw's. My MIL brings out two flavors of ice cream, cones, chocolate syrup, Oreos, and Key Lime pie. I had a piece of key lime. We talked about politics like we always do. We also talked about the Internet. My in-laws think that MySpace is "weird". My father-in-law asked three times, "I don't understand. Why can't you just call your friends?" I told him he had a good point.

Sunday I went to the Burlington Coat factory and bought two new pairs of pants for work and two GI Joe toys for the boys. When we got home I was helping them put them together. They were mostly completed and I gave up out of frustration. I promise they were complicated. They proceeded to put them together themselves with amazing skill.

I cleaned all Sunday afternoon until 7 at night. I took a shower and drank two glasses of beer and watched football with my husband. I also read Amazon and a story from a Lorrie Moore book I've been reading. (I have been reading reviews on Amazon for entertainment. At the moment I am reading reviews from a lawyer from Seattle who is currently living in Turkey. She writes well and is entertaining. She is critical of literary fiction but almost always gives romance novels 5 stars.) Around 11 I headed for bed. I could barely walk for the first few steps. I lift weights twice a week and have no problem walking. After a day of cleaning I am hobbling around like an old woman.
posted by LoriFLA 08 September | 06:12
Saturday, I worked on the campaign, calling other volunteers and updating the database. Later we went out to Lowes to buy supplies for the house we are selling.

Sunday, I worked on the house we're selling, fixing all the stuff that the PIA buyers want us to fix.
posted by octothorpe 08 September | 07:36
I spent the majority of my weekend sitting on my ass watching tv on Hulu. And sleeping.
posted by sperose 08 September | 09:35
Got rained out of original plans on Saturday so trekked to Brooklyn for the delicious combination of beer, cigarettes, White Castle and talking shit. Had gelato afterwards and a conversation that made me do an existential examination of where I am in life right now and if I really, really still want to be in New York in the next two years.

Sunday tried to catch up on sleep, failed, worked a little, then missed out on seeing what kind of fail the VMAs this year was bringing to the table because I went to Tokyo Police Club's "secret" show at the Mercury Lounge. Had my previous day's existential arguments receive a counterpoint when I ran into a pastry chef acquaintance and his super-hot, and super-nice, fabulous girlfriend while waiting outside ("Hey, I actually know people in this town now. People who say hi to me when they see me in the streets!"). And on top of that the show provided an additional blow because it was awesome. I'd only seen them at large-ish venues, so being able to clap along with Greg Alsop and Josh Hooks while smiling and nodding at them, screaming "Hey! Hey! Hey!" along with Graham Wright within touching distance and singing practically TO Dave Monks' face while dancing like a maniac was so so so worth it. Not that you can't have great show experiences outside of New York, but it was a bit of a reprieve from the doldrums I'd been feeling.
posted by kkokkodalk 08 September | 09:38
K5, where did you and Alex930 wind up going for gelato? I looked in the windows of MacDougal St. after I bought my ticket and didn't see you.

Movie gluts and meetup. Am debating what I should say to the vulture penthouse owner at the owner's meeting which is supposed to be this month given that the only thing he cares about is how much money he makes. Among tons of other things, there are people in Appalachia who no longer have access to potable running water because of him.
posted by brujita 08 September | 11:11
I spent all weekend waiting for the 'pode baby! And I'm still waiting!!! WHERE BABBY???
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 September | 13:56
Binge reading from Friday night almost straight through to Sunday night, with short breaks for meals, dogwalking, and dozing.
posted by tangerine 09 September | 01:17
In the same way || Tales of Insurance Horror