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03 September 2008

Palin! Palin! (though the second might be slightly NSFW)
Safari can’t open the page “” because it can’t find the server “”.
posted by birdherder 03 September | 21:41
now it is working

maybe it is just me
posted by birdherder 03 September | 21:44
Also, defining a party , and coming up with a platform.
posted by eekacat 03 September | 21:46
No, MeFi went down when Sarah Palin came on stage.

You might like to keep up with the thread via this page I set up, which cuts all but the last 100 comments.
posted by cillit bang 03 September | 21:47
MeFi was like, Sarah Palin's coming on? Oh hellll no, I can't take it, that thread is long enough already. Peace out!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 September | 21:51
cillit bang, my computer tahnks you from the bottom of its weak and tiny little heart.
posted by casarkos 03 September | 21:58
Good god, there's 2600+ comments on that thread.
posted by octothorpe 03 September | 22:16
anyone know who got dragged out during Palin? I saw a bunch of guys in suits hauling some woman out of the place.
posted by loiseau 03 September | 22:29
cillit bang, that's awesome!
posted by birdherder 03 September | 22:58
God, that thread is a mess. I guess I shouldn't have started reading it at 1:30 in the morning. I gotta stop before I lose any more sleep.
posted by puke & cry 04 September | 01:24
I really like Palin's glasses..maybe I should get some like that instead of my hornrims.
posted by By the Grace of God 04 September | 05:09
I'm quite surprised at how interesting I'm finding it all. The whole thing is just fascinating. I've paypal-ed my sister in California some money so she can contribute to Obama for me, but I can't stop reading about Sarah Palin.

The thread loads fine for me in opera, but thanks for that cillit bang!
posted by goo 04 September | 09:49
Wow, people don't click on the links anymore.

Michael Palin...
posted by eekacat 04 September | 18:56
Sorry, eekacat. I've known of Michael Palin my whole life but Sarah P is still shiny and new and far more interesting at this point. The novelty will wear off and we can go back to quoting Life of Brian shortly, I'm sure.
posted by goo 05 September | 04:32
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