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31 August 2008

Mad Men Marathon: Anyone else watching? This is the first I am seeing the show. I'm blown away!
They've managed to drink more in the last 1/2 hour than I have in about 5 years and everyone is smoking at work!

I remember as a little kid seeing that much smoking. And the business parties are like the ones my dad would have at the house for clients with us little kids listening from the staircase. My God, where these people drunk ALL the time?!

Also, I think everyone should dress like they did then. How did the ladies get their dresses to poof out like that? If I come back in my next life as a girl, I would like it to be in the 60's, without the nasty sexism, but with those cute outfits.
posted by MonkeyButter 31 August | 17:50
i love it and i'm glad i get to see them again when i have chance to pay attention. i wish i had cigarettes and booze around.
i think i may have to be forced to be a dated sweater girl as i'm never willowy enough to pull off a Dior flounce with looking like a cartoon.
i like them "playing it straight," for lack of a better phrase.
posted by ethylene 31 August | 19:29
I'm not watching the marathon but I've seen all the episodes a couple of times each. I too love the show. I wish I was drinking at the moment, because when it first aired, mr. gaspode and I had our nightly ritual down to a t. Him with his scotch, me with my g&t, sitting on the couch... it was all good.
posted by gaspode 31 August | 19:37
"were these people drunk ALL the time?!"

I can't speak for the entire US, but within my father's bunch (about 30 men from the major companies in town as well as local entrepreneurs, the car salesmen had their own bunch), yes, they were drunk three or four nights a week, minimum. The nights they weren't drinking were beer nights with the bowling leagues. Then of course the monthly Elks meetings, holiday get-togethers, and dinner parties.

Everybody smoked, everybody had a decent bar at home (straight out of Archie McPhee), everybody had a bar tab at the city hotel, and everybody drove home!

Oh yeah, my father recently confirmed my suspicions of wife-swapping among a certain segment. That was when he and his personal friends broke off from the main group to avoid association with any scandal.

This was the early- and mid-60s in a northeastern town of just under 9000. Everybody was a child or grandchild of immigrant dairy farmers who grew up dirt poor but were in the right place at the right time to capitalize on the economic boom of the 50s and early 60s.

There was no competition among the various local businesses (groceries, cars, etc.) because during that period, everybody was raking in money including the dairy farmers. The biggest problem in our local economy was an undersized steel mill to supply the manufacturers, and the closest other mill was already running at capacity supplying its own locals.
posted by Ardiril 31 August | 21:19
I haven't watched a new TV series in probably 12 years or more, but I have to admit, everything I hear about this one makes me curious to see it.
posted by BoringPostcards 31 August | 21:57
I have it on now. I had it on earlier but had to turn it off. (Boring story about kids) My husband and I watched a few episodes and we liked it very much. We are very fickle nowadays with our TV programs. We have a hard time sticking with anything, even if it's great.
posted by LoriFLA 31 August | 22:04
I'm watching the new episode now too. I know what you mean Lf about being fickle. I often just forget a show is on.

One of the things I'm really enjoying about the show other than the costumes, is the set dressing. Every little thing in each office is period correct. It's all so delicious how much effort has gone into it all.

I also just realized that I am smoking like a chimney watching the show. Every other second someone is lighting up and I seem to be doing it too. Thank God I don't have a booze in the house!
posted by MonkeyButter 31 August | 22:48
And yet tonight the opening montage was set to a Decemberists song? Talk about taking me out of the time period!
posted by gaspode 31 August | 23:11
I also just realized that I am smoking like a chimney watching the show. Every other second someone is lighting up and I seem to be doing it too. Thank God I don't have a booze in the house!

Gawd, I remember when AbFab was on... I'd show up to work every Monday hung over as all get-out. Thank god we didn't have cocaine in the house.
posted by BoringPostcards 31 August | 23:12
Gah, don't get me interested. I'm still only on season 2 of The Wire, and British friends sent us DVDs of season 1 of Dr. Who and Life on Mars. I have enough TV shows to keep up with, goddammit.
posted by middleclasstool 31 August | 23:40
I really need to check out this show, everyone seems to rave about it.
Like I need another reason to spend time trying in vain to hunt down vintage in my size.
posted by kellydamnit 31 August | 23:56
I really really liked season 2 episode five - I laughed out loud several times. God bless Joan Holloway and her "boys, go pitch your tents somewhere else" - I wish I was that sassy-classy!
posted by dabitch 01 September | 01:42
What's so mind-blowing about it? All I've heard is that it's "REALLY like the sixties!" Since I was never a fan of the sixties, nor of advertising, I don't think there's anything in it for me. But I could be wrong. I'm definitely curious.
posted by Eideteker 01 September | 08:34
I just head an ad for on NPR. || Leopard, Vista and XP, oh my!