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31 August 2008

I just head an ad for on NPR. I don't think I'm hallucinating. I think I'm awake. Am I?
Were you listening to The Sound Of Young America? Mefi's been an "underwriter" for a few months now.
posted by Lentrohamsanin 31 August | 17:15
Probably. I wasn't listening closely to what was on, but the ad grabbed my attention.
posted by DarkForest 31 August | 17:17
Matt sponsors the young america guy so if that's what it was it's not surprising.
posted by puke & cry 31 August | 17:29
I must have missed that. Pretty coll of Matt to underwrite a bit of NPR. There should be a donation area so other mefis can contribute too. (I wouldn't know how that would work but I bet a lot of users would be into it.)
posted by MonkeyButter 31 August | 17:52
The Sound of Young America is great. You can donate at the Maximum Fun website. The same host, Jesse Thorn, also hosts a podcast called Jesse Jordan Go!, which is hilarious.
posted by mullacc 31 August | 18:00
I have totally fallen in love with Jordan Jesse Go! in the last few weeks and have been working my way through the archives obsessively. Jesse's story about his dog Woofy getting sick really touched my heart, especially as I was hearing it right after we'd lost our cat Eddie last Friday.
posted by Lentrohamsanin 31 August | 18:27
Thanks for the link mullacc.
posted by MonkeyButter 31 August | 18:31
I used to work with Jordan back in Santa Cruz! Yay Jordan Jesse Go!
posted by mdonley 31 August | 19:49
Jesse Thorn was interviewed for one of the MeFi podcasts and I think mathowie mentioned that he'd chipped in some cash for the show. Or maybe I have it backwards and mathowie was interviewed for SOYA, but in any case, yeah MeFi underwrite it.
posted by jessamyn 31 August | 23:00
I love SOYA, but I really didn't like JJG. I listened to two podcasts and unsubscribed. The weird thing is that when I thought back on the bits that they did, the material was actually really funny (listening to Jesse try to explain Twitter had some really good jokes about the Twitter experience, for instance), so I guess the delivery was the main issue for me.

Not to hate, because I think Jesse's a really good interviewer when he's not trying to be clever, and he has introduced me to a lot of people and things I wouldn't have known about otherwise, but the comedy side just doesn't do it for me.
posted by middleclasstool 31 August | 23:45
Poorly skwerl! OMG! || Mad Men Marathon: Anyone else watching?