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29 August 2008

If you were on your death bed, what would you want your last words to be?
"You're standing on my air hose."
posted by BoringPostcards 29 August | 08:40
"I'm coming!"

or 'cumming', if you prefer.
posted by Eideteker 29 August | 08:40
Have you fed the cat?
posted by msali 29 August | 08:44
"Thank god Obama won."
posted by KevinSKomsvold 29 August | 08:47
"...yeah, but what a way to go!"
posted by Wolfdog 29 August | 08:47
"I told you so."
posted by MonkeyButter 29 August | 08:54
"Wait! Wait! I don't think I've answered enough trivial personal questions for Hadjiboy yet!"
posted by Lipstick Thespian 29 August | 08:55
The same thing I say every morning: fuck it.
posted by DarkForest 29 August | 09:03
"I finally just finished listening to every album I ever wanted to listen hear..."
posted by Slack-a-gogo 29 August | 09:07
A rousing chorus of "Goodnight Irene."
posted by SpiffyRob 29 August | 09:08
Take good care of my kids. Be kind to them. Love them.
posted by LoriFLA 29 August | 09:24
Assuming I am surrounded by family:
Thanks for being a part of my life. I love you all very much.

posted by chillmost 29 August | 09:26
"The treasure is buried in the ..."
posted by seanyboy 29 August | 09:28
"you motherfuckers aren't getting a cent"
posted by gaspode 29 August | 09:30
"Arch Stanton"
posted by matthewr 29 August | 09:59
"Make 7-Up Yours!"
posted by mullacc 29 August | 10:01
"Hey - what's that-"
posted by typewriter 29 August | 10:07
Did it wrong. Thought hadjiboy said 'last words' not 'death bed'.
posted by typewriter 29 August | 10:08
"This is really primo, would you like a hit?"
posted by Meatbomb 29 August | 10:13
"I did it for the lulz".
posted by stynxno 29 August | 10:17
"The fortune is stashed in the..."
posted by WolfDaddy 29 August | 10:23
Oh, wait, seanyboy beat me to it. Modify mine to: "Oh, wait, seanyboy beat me to it."
posted by WolfDaddy 29 August | 10:24
"pull my fing-"
posted by jason's_planet 29 August | 10:29
"Hang on a minute lads, I've got a great idea!"
posted by hellojed 29 August | 10:50
"Crap, did I leave the stove on?"
posted by Hellbient 29 August | 11:01
A blast from the past.
posted by Hellbient 29 August | 11:07
"If I'm lying, may God strike me dead!"
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 29 August | 12:44
"I had a good run."
posted by eamondaly 29 August | 13:17
A rousing chorus of "Goodnight Irene."

This is better than anything I could come up with. Please, if you're at my funeral, be very drunk and sing it LOUD.
posted by middleclasstool 29 August | 14:41
posted by richat 29 August | 14:42
I told you it wasn't just a headache.
posted by Joe Invisible 29 August | 15:36
"Thank you for the delightful blow job."
posted by scarabic 29 August | 16:32
"It's not my fault!"
posted by greycap 29 August | 18:09
"I nailed your sister once."
posted by ColdChef 29 August | 18:36
Love you. Be happy. Don't forget to take the trash out.
posted by Pips 29 August | 19:10
'was it good for you, baby?'
posted by jonmc 29 August | 19:19
Alternately: Would you like my pudding?
posted by Pips 29 August | 19:22
I don't know about mine - but my dad's were (quite literally before he unexpectedly dropped dead) "You're such a good girl, jonathanstrange".

Hopefully mine will be as lovely as that!
posted by jonathanstrange 30 August | 22:00
"I told you I was sick"
posted by dg 30 August | 23:22
"I'm going to see Janet now."
posted by serena 31 August | 12:50
I am all gruelled out. || 7 Reasons the 21st C. is making you miserable.