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29 August 2008

I am all gruelled out. [More:]
The interview was tough. A written test, where I had to answer 3 questions in 45 minutes on a subject I know nothing about. Then the two interviewers nitpicked my written answer and asked me lots of questions about it, and then there was a more general interview process.

I'll find out, they said, fairly swiftly if I've made it through to the next stage, which will be more of the same but worse.

I still want the job though.
Well done! Nothing worth having comes easy, as they say. And I've always found it a good sign when they go over your written work on lots of detail -- it tends to be the poor candidates that they find nohing to talk about with.
posted by chrismear 29 August | 08:18
Heh! I just posted in your earlier thread saying "let us know how it goes." You're very prompt! :)

That sounds like a pretty intense interview. Good luck on the results!
posted by BoringPostcards 29 August | 08:46
I am taking all the bucks I won from the bunnies a few threads down and putting them on essexjan gets the job!

what chrismear said.
posted by By the Grace of God 29 August | 09:08
Good job, essexjan. Congrats for getting to the next stage. Hopefully it won't be as discouraging. Good luck!
posted by LoriFLA 29 August | 09:51
I'd say the fact that they fine-tooth-combed your written work means they actually read it for content instead of just seeing that you'd done it poorly and round-filing your application - and that must put you ahead of pretty much 90% of all possible applicants. Good luck!
posted by mdonley 29 August | 19:59
Sounds challenging... with this job, would you get to wear the wig? :)

Good luck! I'll keep my fingers and toes (and eyes) crossed for ya.
posted by Pips 29 August | 20:21
exactly, they asked detailed questions cos you actually had something to say! let us know.
posted by Wilder 31 August | 02:32
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