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21 July 2008

Iced coffee rocks. Hard. That is all. Strong coffee, brown sugar, cream, lots of ice, and I am one happy (and wide awake) person. Okay, now that is all. Also, I haven't been around much, and wanted to say hi. How's you doing? What have I missed?[More:]Okay, that is really all. For reals.
Iced coffee is indeed tasty, but coffee..opens me up, shall we say*, and since I tend to chug cold drinks, iced coffee really can do me in.

In other news, I unloaded 28 boxes of books for some Russian lady a few days ago. The store paid her $1100, but she stiffed me on a tip. I turned to my 20-year-old co-worker and said 'I will sic moose und sqvirrel on her.' He looked at me blankly, not getting it. Another middle-aged moment.

*(possible TMI) I once chugged two bottled iced coffees in preparation for a drug test when I lived in Florida. It had the desired effect, but also the undesired one. I saw a doctors office by the side of Kendall Drive, trotted in, did my thing and walked out. Never again with the iced coffee chugging.
posted by jonmc 21 July | 13:08
When you say "brown sugar," do you mean that soft brown sugar that's usually just refined sugar with molasses added back in, or less processed raw sugar, like demerara or turbinado?

And hi; doing well; didn't miss much.
posted by Hugh Janus 21 July | 13:16
For the best iced coffee (i.e. not diluted by ice) freeze leftover coffee and use coffee ice!
posted by typewriter 21 July | 14:19
Oh hell yes. Last Christmas, my partner gave me an espresso machine. In the cold weather, that meant cappuccino at daybreak. Now that it's summer, it means Iced Americanos for elevenses. Oh, yeah.

Things kinda suck, actually. I'm trying to stay centered on the good things --- like the iced Americano! How are you doing?
posted by Elsa 21 July | 14:26
When I lived in Miami, iced coffee was my morning beverage of choice. Oddly, though I don't take sugar in hot coffee (just cream), I like my iced coffee sweet. (I realize this is fascinating.)

Good to see ya round these parts, e... I was worried BOP had you shackled in the wine cellar. ; )
posted by Pips 21 July | 20:13
Oddly, though I don't take sugar in hot coffee (just cream), I like my iced coffee sweet.

Me too. And now I'm wondering whether we've had this conversation before.

I love iced coffee.
posted by tangerine 22 July | 00:57
I prefer iced tea, which is odd since I'm a major coffee-fan and tea-fan, not so much.
posted by dabitch 22 July | 01:47
Hugh, I looked for raw sugar at the local grocery store, but to no avail, so the soft brown sugar it is. Mmmmm....demerara. How I miss thee.

BOP did have me shackled in the wine cellar, but I'm sure you can guess how that went. The off-key singing was driving him mad, and when the wine ran out I got pretty surly. He eventually had to let me out for the sake of his sanity.

I love me some iced tea, too, and have been making it with sun tea (for them as don't know, tea steeped in the sun rather than with boiling water). Problem is, I keep forgetting it's out there and boy oh boy can it go horribly wrong fast in this heat. Bleah. Things are going well here, though I still have trouble identifying some groceries with the different packaging, and the different names for some things is kinda frustrating. There are more cultural differences than I expected, and they take me by surprise sometimes, which is pretty interesting (and not in a bad way). We've developed a fondness for the local AA baseball team, and for their tradition of $1 Yuengling on Thursdays, though the beer sale cutoff at the bottom of the sixth on these days better befits Communist Russia, IMHO. BOP is just as great as I expected, and didn't even make me clean up after the wine cellar debacle :) Chicken-leg Al has lost a whole 'nother cat's worth of undercoat (BOP has him trained to jump up on the pool table for brushing, which to my surprise he adores), but settled in almost immediately and is completely at home here. What can I say, he's a travellin' cat.

*waves to everyone*
posted by elizard 22 July | 18:09
Chicken Leg Al
Sounds like a pal
You make on the high seas and ways
A traveling cat
Is where it's at
Cuz while he don't "sit, boy," he stays

gahbless 'em.
posted by ethylene 22 July | 18:55
I feel so confused. || What are you looking forward to this week?