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17 July 2008

Red Cross ad campaign uses Nepal police shots instead of Chinese police shots = political flameout in comments. well sort of, this is about as close to flaming threads as adland gets though. Fights about fonts don't get quite so intense. Followup by the Red Cross here.
That's Nepal-ling.


posted by seanyboy 17 July | 04:09
teehee. :)

I'm actually a bit surprised that nobody's trotted out the old "we're talking about it, therefore the campaign is a SUCCESS" line. But that's probably because most people commenting are chinese expats and not adgrunts.
posted by dabitch 17 July | 04:44
What's funny is how the commenters are so concerned about the details of the photos' provenance and how important it is that China have a trouble-free Olympics. As if there was no rioting in Lhasa, and as if the Han weren't beating, imprisoning, and killing Tibetan monks.

It's also pretty astonishing how much support the Chinese government has for its campaign of cultural genocide (yeah, I hate the term too, but what else do you call a systematic effort to wipe out a culture). I guess people from all over the world can be demagogued into embracing racism and xenophobia. Especially when they started out vicious, petty, and corrupt. And especially when they've been trained from birth to do what the money tells them.

I hope the Olympics are a big failure; with the world's economies teetering on the brink of disaster, no country can afford them. Prestige? China doesn't deserve it. Neither does the USA, for what it's worth. Fuck 'em all; fuck 'em all to hell.

Today's depressing screed has been brought to you by Too Little Coffee™ and Too Much Bacon™.
posted by Hugh Janus 17 July | 09:04
Too Much Bacon™

does not compute. [head explody]
posted by heeeraldo 17 July | 10:27
It's more a combination thing. The bacon wasn't all that great, and neither was the coffee. Perhaps I should have said "Today's depressing screed has been brought to you by General Bad Guts™."

[Cue battle scene, General Bad Guts rides a tank, makes a face; suddenly the tank stops, its hatches open, and the crew dives out holding their noses....]

Lucky for everyone, that bad feeling is coursing through the municipal pipes even as I write. I'm still Chicken Little, but not so sour anymore.

Pro-Chinese web commenters remind me of CoS nuts. Sorry to be all grumpy political here.
posted by Hugh Janus 17 July | 10:44
Today's depressing screed has been brought to you by Too Little Coffee™ and Too Much Bacon™.
I am in agreement and I've had Too Much Coffee and NO Bacon.
(I need bacon).

Like, hi... we have no pictures of the police beating people in Tibet because you have to all but blow the unearthed corpse of Mao to even get permission to stand on the edge of Tibet and look in.

but yeah, would have been better to show the blue tracksuit guys.
posted by kellydamnit 17 July | 10:53
I have it on good authority that the unearthed corpse of Mao...

...has no penis!
posted by Hugh Janus 17 July | 10:58
How convienent for them... now no one can look in!
posted by kellydamnit 17 July | 11:04
Pro-Chinese web commenters remind me of CoS nuts.
aye. Most recent comment said something about being the enemy of 1.3 million Chinese. Enemy? Is there a war being started over the bad photo geographic location labeling practices at Scanpix? What the eff?
posted by dabitch 17 July | 13:14
It's all just completely wacky.

Since the modern Olympics began as a display of nationalistic and military (ever wonder about the equestrian and shooting events?) prowess, politics have been not just present but essential to the Olympic process.

People who complain about politics in the Olympics are like people who complain about unfair play on Big Brother: dumb.
posted by Hugh Janus 17 July | 13:24
OH GAWD they won't stop. I just deleted like ten images of bleeding children and Iraqis being shot in the head and told a guy to quit it so now, obviously, I'm a coward. AAARRRGGHHH. Dare I go to bed without banning a whole chunk of IP#'s from the site. I'd hate to wake up and find that comment thread look like again.
posted by dabitch 17 July | 17:09
Can you close the thread to comments for now so you don't have to worry about it?
posted by ethylene 17 July | 17:24
Last night I didn't dare (ticking off a bunch of chinese commenters when it's linked in ten chinese forums would make for a really restless sleep), but I do think this might be the first time ever that I do that.
posted by dabitch 18 July | 01:58
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