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17 July 2008

Greetings from New York. [More:]
Man, it was hot yesterday. Nothing to write home about for you native Noo Yawkers, but I'm not used to it. Thank goodness for Factor 45 sunblock. But today I need to buy a hat.

Diane arrived from Ohio yesterday and this morning we're going bra shopping at Town Shop, followed by a browse around Zabars (we are both foodie/cookware fans) and a nice lunch somewhere.

This evening it's pizza at Lombardi's with jonmc and Pips. Yay! Jon&Pips!
Waaaa! I want pizza with Jon and Pips tooooo!
posted by Specklet 17 July | 06:22
Yay pizza, and yay Jan being stateside!
posted by BoringPostcards 17 July | 07:02
NOO yoRk pitzA! Gawd, have a slice for me and high five both jon and pips. :)
posted by dabitch 17 July | 07:42
Yum. Lombardi's is one place that is definitely worth the hype.
posted by gaspode 17 July | 07:44
How long will you be in town? I'm going to be in DC this weekend, but will be back on Monday.
posted by TrishaLynn 17 July | 07:51
The city is prettier now that you're here.
posted by Hugh Janus 17 July | 07:52
New York pizza...

Stuff yourself with slices and well wishes.
Catch one of those waterfalls and do some of the things i can't. Make the most of it.
posted by ethylene 17 July | 08:03
Looking forward! It's not a meet-up, per se, but any other NYC folks with a pizza craving are welcome... We're meeting at 7pm at Lombardi's.
posted by Pips 17 July | 08:05
ej, you should take a day trip to Princeton once of these visits! It's lovely, and I would happily be your tour guide.
posted by amro 17 July | 09:26
You're heeeeeeere! I'm so excited. Wish I could be at pizza tonight, but alas, I have another engagement. Eat a slice for me! And see you Saturday!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 17 July | 09:32
Allow yourself to be sucked in by the Princeton tourism website...
posted by amro 17 July | 09:35
Have fun, people! I wish I were there!
posted by LoriFLA 17 July | 09:36
Ooh, and you could meet Smooshie!
posted by amro 17 July | 09:52
I went almost to Princeton (to an office park in Princeton Junction, for training) a few weeks ago. Everything's nice and green. Really lovely. And I heard the town proper is dang nice.

It only takes about an hour via NJ Transit, round trip $25 or so (reminds me, gotta expense the tix).

I'll be there (Lombardi's) tannicht.
posted by Hugh Janus 17 July | 09:56
Awesome, HJ! See ya then...
posted by Pips 17 July | 10:01
Wow, you are feet from me and my office right now~
Stop by the 2nd floor of The Princeton Review building if you want to meet my office plants....
posted by rmless2 17 July | 10:41
I would, but I'm headed down to Maryland tonight for the weekend. I guess this town's not big enough for the two of us.
Here's a Lombardi's preview for ya.
posted by Hellbient 17 July | 10:45
Hope you're having a great time yo!
posted by By the Grace of God 18 July | 03:55
Hey--it's jonmc, Pips and essexjan!!!!!!

posted by hadjiboy 18 July | 04:04
As long as I'm driving. : )
posted by Pips 18 July | 09:01
Don't worry, jon will be too busy guzzling beer in the back to give a damn!
posted by hadjiboy 18 July | 23:32
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