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03 July 2008

askmefi crosspost: What to ask other than "what do you do" at the SF meetup tonight?
[More:]I'm meeting up in SF with US mefites. I myself am from the Netherlands so a lot of the talk on local stuff like what are good local bars, what are good neighbourhoods for appartments etc doesn't make for good talking points. And talking about where I come from and isn't always that interesting either.

Asking what somebody does doesn't work to well either I think. Some people like to relax by forgetting about work. And some people feel a bit like their social worth is reduced to how sexy their job is when asked a question like that.

Of course some mefites can be a little introverted. But I like to think that everybody has something interesting about them. A good question can maybe digg that out...

How do you metachatties kick off interesting conversations?
1. Spreekt u Nederlands?
2. Do you think my girlfriend is good enough for a Dutchman?
3. Do you like my orange jacket?
4. Why isn't it flat here?
5. Who is paying for these drinks?
6. May I touch you?
7. Does it make you uncomfortable when I tower over you like this?
8. Why are you so short? Don't you people eat milk products in the USA?

Joking, joking... have fun, EURO MEFI REPRESENT!!!1
posted by Meatbomb 03 July | 16:10
We don't. We just all sit there in silence until Wilder arrives.
posted by essexjan 03 July | 16:10
You could tell them that the last meetup you went to, they blew up the building once we were done. (they did blow it up, yeah?)
posted by Meatbomb 03 July | 16:12
If you could be any smell what would you be?
posted by arse_hat 03 July | 16:21
What do you do for fun? Just about everyone has a hobby or special interest to talk about.

I usually don't get to meetups right at the start time, so sometimes I'll go up to a group of people already talking, get the gist of the conversation and then contribute where appropriate.

From your comment history and your "favorited by others" history and your AskMe question today, I can almost guarantee that someone will say upon meeting you, "Oh, jouke! Yeah! You're the guy who ... "
posted by initapplette 03 July | 16:36
Haha, meatbomb. Those are awesome. I'll use my worst grating Dutch accent and make everybody uncomfortable with my awkward stupidity.
posted by jouke 03 July | 16:49
Come to think about it; absurdistic questions like meatbombs or arse_hats are good too. Normal questions can make for a atmosphere of earnestness that can become constraining...
posted by jouke 03 July | 17:01
You should ask if anybody's been married recently. ;)
posted by Ambrosia Voyeur 03 July | 17:51
Ehm, Ambrosia, I'm afraid I don't get what you're referring to. Will you be attending and you got recently married?
posted by jouke 03 July | 18:26
How do you dance?

Correct answer = Close, real close
posted by cillit bang 03 July | 18:27
I think that on a mefi meetup the likely answer to "how do you dance" is "awkwardly".
posted by jouke 03 July | 18:51
We just all sit there in silence until Wilder arrives there would have been more of a conversation if she'd been present when I was followed into the tube, hmm?

Another thing, it is NEVER a good idea to condescend to the person you want to fuck. Some kid who wanted to reenact the arm-kissing scene from Iris (who didn't realize she was dead) also tried to pull this with me a while ago.
posted by brujita 03 July | 23:14
Since you will be visiting the city, and most or all of the other mefites will be from the city (or environs), you could ask something like "what's your favorite 'secret San Fransisco' thing that most visitors won't know about?" and other related questions ("one or more foods or dishes that I shouldn't miss while I'm here", etc.)

but wait, I shut up now. "Tonight" probably means last night... or, like, right now or something, actually. Hope you're having a good time!
posted by taz 04 July | 01:01
MB: Nee, ze spreken geen Nederlands.

Actually there was no challenge in breaking awkward silences. People needed no prodding to talk. So I didn't get around to using my questions.
posted by jouke 04 July | 02:37
Yeah, taz, I was at the meetup at that moment. Good suggestion though.
posted by jouke 04 July | 03:06
Hey Jouke,
Did they blow up the building yet?
posted by chillmost 04 July | 05:12
I need video of the Amsterdam Post building undergoing a controlled demolition. Apparently my brother chillmost does as well. jouke, I expect you to reprioritize and provide the appropriate links ASAP.
posted by Meatbomb 04 July | 11:01
*clicks heels*
posted by jouke 04 July | 23:08
Old fashion fake out || mai lung capacity. let me show u it.