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03 July 2008

mai lung capacity. let me show u it. Right now, I can show u it in a snack-sized Ziploc bag. Free wifi in Pismo Beach parking lot with sea breeze: Good. Smelling smoke from Big Sur Fire 100+ miles away: NOT GOOD.
Since the link does not work, I assume that you are not breathing.

What county's 911 system should I activate? I'll totally make the call. Just let me know.
posted by danf 03 July | 16:12
oops... wifi in laptop gave out before my lungs... now back at home with fixed link. Some text got appended to the end of the url. Dum-me.

Admins please hope that link (but no high priority).

Feeling better even though home is non-air-conditioned warm...
posted by wendell 03 July | 17:15
So, all's well that ends well? Swell!
posted by Atom Eyes 03 July | 17:18
fixeded it
posted by arse_hat 03 July | 17:20
Not 100% better; I'm up to a Quart Ziploc bag while wishing for a Gallon.

Halfway seriously considering setting up a "dead man's switch" to post to my blog if (a) I do call 911 and end up in a hospital ward without wifi or (b) just don't wake up and log in some morning. I only talk to my closest relative once a week and my neighbors know not to panic if I don't bring in the newspaper two days in a row... it'll take 3 for somebody to come knocking. You crazy MeChans, MeFites, Twitterers and other web-based folks are my most frequent outside-world contact. And don't tell me to Get a Life, I'm quite happy without one. Just looking for options (other than an "I've fallen and can't get up" button) in case of Medical Emergency, since I have driven myself to the Emergency Room once since I moved here and it turned out to be far less than Emergency-worthy, so I'm more likely now to wait until I can't drive myself, and yes, I am overthinking a plate of beans which is not good because I had lost my appetite and the beans make me slightly nauseous.
posted by wendell 03 July | 18:04
Damn, man, I am sorry to hear it. Sounds nasty.

When we had our smoke from the south Georgia fires last summer, I thought about how much worse it must be out west where this kind of thing is much more intense and more frequent. I was freaking out over a few days of campfire smell, so I can't imagine being in THAT much smoke. Bleah. Hang in there, bud.
posted by BoringPostcards 03 July | 21:56
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