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17 March 2008

AskMecha: How do you say "word" in Polish? [More:]

I thought I knew: słowo. As in słownik: dictionary.

But then I go to the Wikipedia entry for "word" in English, click on "Polski" on the left, and up pops "wyraz".

And now I'm worried, because if I don't know the word "word", I'm not optimistic about my chances of mastering seven cases.

Dziękuję! (Thanks!)
According to Poltran, wyraz is masucline, mowa is feminine, and słowo is neuter.
posted by Orange Swan 17 March | 09:08
Nah, it's vord, cos the 'w' is said like a 'v', I think.

posted by richat 17 March | 09:12
How do you say 'word up' in Polish?
posted by box 17 March | 09:45
I dunno, but "look out" is "UWAGA". srsly.
posted by dabitch 17 March | 10:04
A few years ago, I was on a three-week bus trip through Europe with (among others) some Polish guys and girls. When we were going through Poland, they taught us a few phrases we might need there - things like "Can I have a beer, please", "Stop that thief, he took my wallet!" and so on (most of the stuff was tongue in cheek). Unfortunately, the only thing I can remember now - apart from Dziekuje - is "kurwa, slicna jestes!" This should translate as "you're fucking beautiful".

I don't know what the Polish word for "word" is, but I hope this helps.
posted by Daniel Charms 17 March | 11:45
Huh. I always thought it was słowo, too. The wiki page for słowo is linked at the bottom of the wyraz page, and interestingly enough, when you translate the słowo page into English, it goes to the page for Word. I can't make out the Polish on it, but it's a much shorter article. I'm wondering if maybe it's a slightly old fashioned word for word?
posted by mosessis 17 March | 12:50
How do you say 'word up' in Polish?

That's what I thought the context was when I saw this question.
posted by Specklet 17 March | 15:10
pracowity on MeFi is Polish, in Poland I believe. Send him a MeMail.
posted by Doohickie 17 March | 17:57
(by the way.... Learn to Speak Polish is on my Bucket List.)
posted by Doohickie 17 March | 17:58
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