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29 May 2007

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Welcome to another 2 hours of jazz on Radio Mecha. As I generally do, I'll be posting some links, comments and credits as the set plays, which I hope are of interest to those listening, as well as to those who come to this thread later.

In the next two hours, we have a number of tunes so iconic to the artist that recorded them, that they are associated with that artist in the public mind, ever after. These included "Parker's Mood" by bebop legend and alto saxophonist extraordinaire Charlie Parker, and "West Coast Blues" by guitarist Wes Montgomery, which we'll hear in a bit. But we also have some wonderful treatments of well known "standards" tunes, like "Stella by Starlight" and "Tennessee Waltz" and "Sweet and Lovely" which are terrific, and fresh, because of being taken up anew, by musicians of fine sensibility and talent. You're in for a great couple of hours of memomorable melodies and interesting harmony, Jazz Babies, so let's get to it!

The tune that I open these sets with, "The Greeting" is from a later McCoy Tyner album, called Things Ain't What They Used To Be.
posted by paulsc 29 May | 18:00
#2 Love for Sale

Art Tatum/Jo Jones/Red Callender with the Cole Porter tune from the 1930 musical revue "The New Yorkers."
posted by paulsc 29 May | 18:03
Hey paulsc! Just wanted to drop in and say what's up? I'm heading out in a bit for yoga class and maybe a run later if my friend doesn't bail on me, so I can't linger. Have a great evening! :)
posted by phoenixc 29 May | 18:08
#3 Moonglow

Benny Goodman and His Orchestra in a 1954 studio recording for Capitol of the 1934 standard by Will Hudson, Irving Mills, and Eddie DeLange.
posted by paulsc 29 May | 18:08
Enjoy your run, phoenixc!
posted by paulsc 29 May | 18:09
#4 Stormy Blues

Billie Holiday with a tune of her own, from the 1990 CD reissue of The Billie Holiday Songbook. Recorded September 3, 1954 in Los Angeles. With Harry "Sweets" Edison (trumpet), Willie Smith (alto sax), Bobby Tucker (piano), Barney Kessel (guitar), Red Callender (bass), and Chico Hamilton (drums). (For those coming to this thread later, here's a link to a Web based version of the tune.)
posted by paulsc 29 May | 18:11
#5 Parker's Mood

Charlie Parker All Stars [Charlie Parker (alto sax), John Lewis (piano), Curly Russell (bass) and Max Roach (drums)] in a take recorded September 18, 1948 at Harry Smith Studios in NYC, via the CD box set "Yardbird Suite."
posted by paulsc 29 May | 18:15
#6 Monk's Dream

Thelonious Monk with Charlie Rouse (sax), John Ore (bass), and Frankie Dunlop (drums), with the title tune from the 1963 album produced by Teo Macero, that made Thelonious Monk a household name.
posted by paulsc 29 May | 18:18
#7 Godchild

Miles Davis with a tune by George Wallington, from the CD re-issue of the "Birth of the Cool."
posted by paulsc 29 May | 18:24
#8 Cousin Mary

John Coltrane with a tune of his own from the CD re-issue of his 1960 album "Giant Steps." With Tommy Flanagan (piano), Paul Chambers (bass) and Art Taylor (drums).
posted by paulsc 29 May | 18:28
#9 Oh, Lady Be Good

Ella Fitzgerald with a Gershwin tune from the CD re-issue of her 1956 compilation album "The Silver Collection: The Songbooks."
posted by paulsc 29 May | 18:33
#10 Midnight Mood

Bill Evans from the CD re-issue of his 1968 album "Alone," with a tune by Ben Raleigh (who also wrote "Tell Laura I Love Her" and one of my personal favorites "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?" and died in 1997 at the age of 83, after setting his robe on fire while cooking) and Joe Zawinul.
posted by paulsc 29 May | 18:38
11 Too Close For Comfort

Stan Getz (tenor sax) and Gerry Mulligan (baritone sax) on a tune by George David Weiss, Jerry Bock, and Larry Holofcener from the 1991 stereo CD re-issue of their 1957 album "Getz Meets Mulligan in Hi-Fi."
posted by paulsc 29 May | 18:43
#12 Tennessee Waltz

The Ramsey Lewis Trio from the CD re-issue of their 1965 album "The In Crowd" with the popular tune by Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King.
posted by paulsc 29 May | 18:50
#13 West Coast Blues

Guitarist Wes Montgomery with his signature composition from the CD re-issue of his 1960 album "The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery."
posted by paulsc 29 May | 18:55
#14 Armageddon

Wayne Shorter with a composition of his own, from the CD re-issue of his 1964 debut album for Blue Note "Night Dreamer."
posted by paulsc 29 May | 19:02
#15 Tell Her You Saw Me

From his 1992 "world music" CD "Secret Story," here is Pat Metheny with his own composition. Traditional jazz fans, including myself, have sometimes wondered where Pat Metheny wandered, and while I think I'd be hard pressed to consider all of "Secret Story" jazz, even those tunes and elements which depart wholesale from jazz tradition are guided by a musical intelligence and a sense of exploration that make them worth considering, and listening to. As the extensive credits list would imply, there isn't much improvisation on this album, and I think the "modern" recording techniques of sound isolation, overdubbing, and re-mixing that were in use for this album work against that kind of musical group communication, although they allow one person to remain in conceptual control of a large musical effort. This tune is an example of that kind of dichotomy, contrasting a guitar part that is clearly jazz, with a synthetic orchestral setting that is cinematic. The result may or may not be jazz, depending on the elasticity of your musical boundaries, but it is certianly listenable.
posted by paulsc 29 May | 19:09
#16 Cost of Living

Saxophonist Michael Brecker from his self-titled 1986 CD, with a tune by Don Grolnick.
posted by paulsc 29 May | 19:14
#17 Stella By Starlight

From the 1986 CD "Standards Live" here is Keith Jarrett with his "Standards" trio mates Gary Peacock (bass) and Jack DeJohnette (drums), with a lovely rendition of the Ned Washington/Victor Young jazz standard, recorded July 2, 1985 in Paris, in the Studio de la Grande Armée Palais des Congrès, with a live studio audience.
posted by paulsc 29 May | 19:22
#18 Night and Day [Jazz Version]

I don't normally think of Dionne Warwick as a jazz singer, but she has made some albums recording music often claimed in the jazz repetoire, including Cole Porter tunes with some large group arrangements, like this one, that harken towards the Kenny G end of the smooth jazz spectrum. But she doesn't make a big pretense of being a jazzer, and never strays far from her core competence of singing a straight melody with good phrasing and musicality. So here she is from her 1990 CD "Dionne Warwick Sings Cole Porter" (which freedb database has equal difficulty describing, finally putting it in as "Soul/R&B").
posted by paulsc 29 May | 19:33
#19 Tears of Rain

Gary Burton (vibraphone), Chick Corea (piano), Pat Metheny (guitar), and Roy Haynes (drums) from their 1998 CD "Like Minds" with a tune by Metheny.
posted by paulsc 29 May | 19:38
#20 Sweet and Lovely

I've mentioned before how this tune generally signals some odd behavior from Bugs Bunny, when you hear it in a cartoon sound track. But here we have an utterly unironic rendition of the Gus Arnheim/Harry Tobias/Jules LeMare standard from pianist McCoy Tyner, via his 1989 CD "Things Ain't What They Used to Be."
posted by paulsc 29 May | 19:44
#21 Maybe You'll Be There

Diana Krall from her 2002 CD "Live in Paris" with the Rube Bloom/Sammy Gallop tune.
posted by paulsc 29 May | 19:51
#22 I Will Say Goodbye

Once again, The Bill Evans Trio, with Eddie Gomez on bass and Eliot Zigmund on drums, takes us out with the title track from the 1977 album of the same name. To recap, in this set, we heard:

1. McCoy Tyner - The Greeting (2:27)
2. Art Tatum/Jo Jones/Red Callender - Love for Sale (5:30)
3. Benny Goodman - Moonglow (3:26)
4. Billie Holiday - Stormy Blues (3:26)
5. Charlie Parker - Parker's Mood (3:04)
6. Thelonious Monk Quartet - Monk's Dream (6:27)
7. Miles Davis - Godchild (3:12)
8. John Coltrane - Cousin Mary (5:49)
9. Ella Fitzgerald - Oh, Lady Be Good (4:03)
10. Bill Evans - Midnight Mood (5:20)
11. Gerry Mulligan & Stan Getz - Too Close For Comfort (6:58)
12. Ramsey Lewis Trio - Tennessee Waltz (5:02)
13. Wes Montgomery - West Coast Blues (7:26)
14. Wayne Shorter - Armageddon (6:53)
15. Pat Metheny - Tell Her You Saw Me (5:10)
16. Michael Brecker - Cost of Living (7:48)
17. Keith Jarrett - Gary Peacock - Jack DeJohnette - Stella By Starlight (11:15)
18. Dionne Warwick - Night and Day [Jazz Version] (4:12)
19. Gary Burton - Tears of Rain (6:33)
20. McCoy Tyner - Sweet and Lovely [*] (6:29)
21. Diana Krall - Maybe You'll Be There (5:47)
22. Bill Evans Trio - I Will Say Goodbye (3:30)

"Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons, and you will find that it is to the soul what the water bath is to the body."
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes
posted by paulsc 29 May | 19:56
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