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29 May 2007

South Coast Uk July Meet-up [More:]Some of you already know that I invited some of the London Mefites to a meet-up weekend in my home. I'd like to extend the invitation to Mechazens. As a result of global warming we have many friends from overseas booked in so that the next availible weekend is probably the 20th/21st July.
I tried several times over the last few days to post this to Metatalk but no luck. As soon as I clicked on the dates in July it reverted back to the default page settings. I'm simply too tired to try to work out why that is but in any case, let me issue the following invite:
I'm in London & surrounds a lot in the next few days and am happy to meet up and discuss
1) very short notice weekend June 2nd & 3rd June in my house "Chain gang weekend"
2) more notice Weekend 20th/21st July ditto.
The idea of a "chain gang weekend" started 2 years ago with my workmates. Trying to clear the garden I offered a weekend of my cooking (drinks included) for assistance with the garden (DUH!). It was very successful, so I offer mechazens the same. We can work out the quid pro quo but the fact that many of you are techies is a plus! If you like gardening its a bonus.

Let me know by e-mail if you're interested and we'll try to work something out.
Oh yes. 20/21 July is good for me.
posted by chrismear 29 May | 18:39
Where you based Wilder?

Also, I've a coupla hours in London (5pm to 7pm ish) next tuesday. If anyone wants to grab a pint.
posted by seanyboy 30 May | 02:29
Actually, I'm in London the whole day, but assume everyone else is at work.
posted by seanyboy 30 May | 02:30
Dammit, seanyboy, I'll be in NY next Tuesday.
posted by essexjan 30 May | 03:54
Near Hastings, closest train station is Battle, which is about 1hr 20 mins from London.
Won't be in London on Tuesday, sorry, Thursday & Friday this week.
posted by Wilder 30 May | 03:58
I will drive down from Essex so can give a lift to anyone who can get to my house (or close). I'm not driving into Central London.
posted by essexjan 30 May | 05:26
Mmmmm, well, my sister is getting married on the 20th of July - I guess I should really go to that! This weekend: what kind of timings are you thinking about?
posted by TheDonF 30 May | 07:51
As far as London drinkies go, I'm free this Friday (evening) and next Tuesday (any time).
posted by chrismear 30 May | 08:26
Next Tuesday sounds like a date then.
posted by seanyboy 30 May | 12:41
You and Seanyboy go for it then!
I'm hooking up with some people tomorrow, and would love to stay in London to meet up, Chrismear, on Friday. I'm near London Bridge so let me know of a good place to meet. I may even (Oh wonder-of-wonders) be able to make next Tuesday!!)

posted by Wilder 30 May | 17:56
Anyone use facebook? Can you think of a neat app to make? || Jazz on Radio Mecha.