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28 May 2007

R.I.P. Charles Nelson Reilly I remember my brother and I watching him on Match Game in the 70s (and in retrospect, I can't believe my mom let us watch that show). (via)
Sad news... I used to watch Match Game every afternoon after school with my mom. It was on at 4pm, after our soap, Guiding Light. The repartee was, indeed, deliciously (and oddly innocently) racy. I don't think I got it then, though. (I've since seen it in 4am reruns on the Game Show network; I get it much better now.)
posted by Pips 28 May | 09:52
Yeah. Match Game is the best ever. Before they took GSN off my cable I was heavy into re-runs.
posted by rainbaby 28 May | 09:57
I loved the rapport Reilly had with Bret Somers on Match Game, and it endeared me to both of them.
posted by WolfDaddy 28 May | 10:15
For me, "Match Game" was a cross between "Hollywood Squares" and "Laugh-In". The real fun of that show was not guessing the "correct" answer, but trying to guess what each celebrity's funny response would be.

Growing up with these wonderful shows (while simultaneously, Mad magazine hit its own satiric peak), is it any wonder our generation is such a bunch of silly cynics?

Charles Nelson Reilly held his own with any of 'em while injecting his own unique personality.
posted by mischief 28 May | 10:30
Up on the hilltop where the vultures perch,
That's where I'm gonna build my church,
Ain't gonna be no priest, ain't gonna be no boss;
Just Charles Nelson Reilly nailed to a cross.
posted by box 28 May | 11:51
So sad. I loved to watch Match Game after school.
posted by arse_hat 28 May | 13:01
I will remember him also for Claymore Gregg, the only funny character on the TV version of "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir", the over-the-top villain on the Krofts' "Lidsville" and a dozen other Saturday Morning kid show characters, and for Jose Chung, celebrity author who was featured in both "X Files" and "Millennium", and who, if the character had not been killed off, would have saved "Lone Gunmen".

Rest In [blank]

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posted by wendell 28 May | 13:02
he was funny, i wish i was
posted by caddis 28 May | 20:09
Aww, I liked him.
posted by danostuporstar 29 May | 08:35
Bicycle eating trees. || :)