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21 May 2007

The Symptoms Worst. Simpsons. Parody. Ever. [More:]A cringeworthy spoof from the now defunct Christian humor magazine GLAD. (WARNING: website might make you go blind.)
I think I just puked a little in my mouth. I read the title and I was going to make about how "the symptoms don't lie" but the site killed any chance of making that joke.
posted by Memo 21 May | 16:21
Oh my, that is horrible, just horrible.

A Christian humor magazine? Maybe Mark Twain was right when he said there is no humor in heaven.

Ok, I'm going out on a ranty limb here, but that first page especially is just vile. There's something quite icky about it and not just in a trying-to-convert-you kind of way. It's just dripping with a most unwholesome and unchristian loathing -- almost a sense of sublimated hatred or violence. I think that's what fundamentalist-style religions do -- they force one to sublimate and repress everything that doesn't fit into their narrow framework and then it works it way out in really strange ways.
posted by treepour 21 May | 17:05
Oh, that's sad. Really, really sad.
posted by dg 21 May | 18:36
Isn't GLAD also a gay rights group? Ah, yes, here it is.
posted by Claudia_SF 21 May | 19:27
Okay, true confessions here -- I think the Simpsons as a show isn't all edgy and revolutionary, but is sort of a throwback with lots of traditional ideas. It vaguely irritates me. I think South Park is way more challenging to social norms.
posted by Claudia_SF 21 May | 19:31
The Simpsons has been part of our cultural landscape for almost two decades, with minimal change to characters or style over that time. It IS tradition. Besides, Matt Groening based the central family on his own family growing up in the 60s-70s and the look and pace owes much to animation that came before, unlike South Park, which pretty much invented its own look and sound. SP uses that almost-zero-dimensional look to be able to do the show the same week it's aired, allowing instant 'topicality', but what it parodies and ridicules for the most part are the non-establishment, the outliers, the 'weird individuals'. South Park is faux challenging. And the last 10 minutes of Sunday's 400th Simpsons episode bit the hand that feeds it (FOX and Big Media in general) harder than I ever remember seing on network TV. And I remember the Smothers Brothers.
posted by wendell 21 May | 22:22
True wendell. The last 10 minutes of 400 made up for all the first 10 minute lame joke openings of the last few years.
posted by arse_hat 21 May | 22:58
Besides, Matt Groening based the central family on his own family growing up in the 60s-70s

Yes, and it's irritating -- how many stay-at-home housewives still exist out there?

I'm not saying I looove South Park -- at least the Simpsons has female characters. But I do find South Park more edgy and interesting.

I'm in the minority -- the show has been an incredible success.
posted by Claudia_SF 22 May | 00:13
Oh, that's pretty special.

For another example of hilarious religious humour, check out After Eden.

It is painfully unfunny. Don't miss the archives! What will those wacky young earth creationists get up to next?
posted by tomble 22 May | 00:46
Suddenly I want the Darwin t-shirt from this After Eden strip
posted by Memo 22 May | 11:01
In a few hours I will be on a plane to Europe. || Cameraphones.