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21 May 2007

In a few hours I will be on a plane to Europe. It's my first ever trip overseas! (Canada doesn't really count.) I probably won't be checking in here much for the next 3 weeks, but if you're interested in my progress, I will be posting to Vox and Flickr. I'll miss you guys!
Have fun!
posted by cmonkey 21 May | 15:54
Bon voyage!
posted by box 21 May | 15:55
So. jealous. Have fun and be safe!
posted by phoenixc 21 May | 15:59
Rock on with your wacky self. i hope to keep apprised of your many adventures. Stay away from skinheads and guard your beverages!
posted by ethylene 21 May | 16:06
You are going to have a fantastic time. I'll be checking up on your photos daily!
posted by gaspode 21 May | 16:08
I didn't realize it was time for your trip already- have a wonderful time!!
posted by BoringPostcards 21 May | 16:16
Safe journey, Mats!
posted by jrossi4r 21 May | 16:31
Heading near my neck of the woods? There's beer here. And sun. Beer and sun. Yeah that's us, land of the midnight fun.
posted by dabitch 21 May | 16:37
Have a safe trip and lots of fun.
posted by essexjan 21 May | 16:44
Have a great trip!
posted by LoriFLA 21 May | 16:45
Have a great trip! I will look forward to the photos!

P.S. Canada does so count! Well, not as overseas, but we count dammit!
posted by richat 21 May | 16:50
I hope you have a wonderful time and am eager to see pictures! Bonnes vacances!
posted by Luminous Phenomena 21 May | 17:03
Dabitch - check your email. I have a layover in Copenhagen and would love to have a mini-meetup for a couple of hours.

Everyone else, thanks! :)

P.P.S. Canada counts in my heart, but anywhere you can drive to in less than 3 hours doesn't seem appropriate to describe as "overseas".
posted by matildaben 21 May | 17:10
righto - i replied. :)
posted by dabitch 21 May | 17:57
If you need help, get to an internet cafe and ask the bunnies for an assist. I did, and it was a big help. Yay the Bunnies!!

Have a wonderful time.
posted by theora55 21 May | 18:53
You're probably already gone, but in case you check in - have an awesome trip!
posted by deborah 21 May | 19:02
Holy sweet mother of christ, that came up fast! Have a fantastic trip, amiga. Big cleavage hugs! Send postcards!

And you did take a ferry to get here...maybe overstraits?
posted by elizard 21 May | 20:43
Have a blast!
posted by chewatadistance 21 May | 20:49
Parks, hotels and palaces
Europe endless
Parks, hotels and palaces
Europe endless

Promenades and avenues
Europe endless
Real life and postcard views
Europe endless

Europe endless
Endless endless endless endless
Europe endless
Endless endless endless endless

(Have fun!)
posted by jason's_planet 21 May | 21:34
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