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15 May 2007

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Welcome to another 2 hours of jazz on Radio Mecha. As I generally do, I'll be posting some links, comments and credits as the set plays, which I hope are of interest to those listening, as well as to those who come to this thread later.

We're underway a little late this evening, due to problems with Comcast at home. Tonight, we're at our freindly neighborhood Panera Bread, coming to you over WiFi. So, this really is, in a way, Radio Mecha this evening!

The tune that I open these sets with, "The Greeting" is from a later McCoy Tyner album, called Things Ain't What They Used To Be.
posted by paulsc 15 May | 18:20
#2 Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Art Tatum with an Al Dubin/Harry Warren song from the 1934 film Moulin Rouge.
posted by paulsc 15 May | 18:21
#3 Riverside Blues

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band ["King" Oliver and Louis Armstrong (cornet), Honore Dufrey (trombone), Johnny Dodds (clarinet), Lil Hardin Armstrong (piano), Baby Dodds (drums), Charlie Johnson (bass sax), Stump Evans (C-melody sax)] with a tune by Thomas A. Dorsey and Richard M. Jones. Recorded acoustically in Chicago, probably December 24, 1923.
posted by paulsc 15 May | 18:24
#4 Jazz Me Blues

Bix Beiderbecke and His Gang [Bix Beiderbecke (cornet), Bill Rank (trombone), Don Murray (clarinet), Adrian Rolins (bass sax), Frank Signorelli (piano), Howdy Quicksell (banjo) Chauncy Morehouse (drums)], with a tune by Tom Delaney, recorded October 5, 1927 in NYC.
posted by paulsc 15 May | 18:27
#5 Until the Real Thing Comes Along

Billie Holiday with Teddy Wilson's Orchestra in a July, 1935 recording, from the compilation CD "Love Songs".
posted by paulsc 15 May | 18:31
#6 Sposin'

Fats Waller and His Rhythm [Fats Waller (piano and vocals), Herman Autrey (trumpet), Gene Sedric (clarinet and alto sax), Al Casey (guitar), Charlie "Fat Man" Turner (bass), and Wilmore "Slick" Jones (drums)] with a 1929 tune by Andy Razaf and Paul Denniker that was originally a hit for crooner Rudy Vallee, but here reworked by Fats in a September 9, 1936 recording. From George Winston's liner notes for the 1987 RCA/Bluebird CD:

"Fats was a master of spontaneous piano introductions and piano solos based on the melody of the first verse, with lots of subtle variations in both hands, as in this song. He often played interesting riffs behind others solos. This song features Fats' jazz vocals interacting with Herman Autrey's trumpet solo, and humorous comments after each line of the song. A vocal highlight is when he uses the title of one of his recent hits 'It's A Sin to Tell A Lie' as one of his quips."
posted by paulsc 15 May | 18:34
Program note: Due to our late start this evening, this set will run until about 9:20 EDT this evening, about 20 minutes past Radio Dibs reserved time. Doesn't look like this is going to impact anyone else, but if it does, let me know, and I'll get out of the way.
posted by paulsc 15 May | 18:36
#7 Shaw 'Nuff

Charlie "Bird" Parker (alto sax) and Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet) with a Gillespie tune recorded May 11, 1945 in NYC. With Al Haig (piano), Curley Russell (bass), and Sidney Catlatt (drums), via the CD boxed set "Yardbird Suite."
posted by paulsc 15 May | 18:37
#8 Lullaby of Birdland

George Shearing with a 1962 recording of his tribute tune to Charlie Parker and the famous New York nightclub.
posted by paulsc 15 May | 18:40
#9 Orbits

Miles Davis from the 1966 album "Miles Smiles" album, with a tune by Wayne Shorter. Pianist Herbie Hancock, for reasons otherwise unexplained, plays with his left hand behind his back.
posted by paulsc 15 May | 18:42
#10 She Didn't Say Yes

Ella Fitzgerald with a January 7, 1963 recording of a tune by Jerome Kern/Otto Harbach from the 1933 musical "Roberta" via the re-issue CD.
posted by paulsc 15 May | 18:47
#11 Flamingo

Stan Getz (tenor sax) in a November 8, 1954 recording at the Shrine Auditorium in LA, of the jazz standard by Ted Grouya and lyrics by Ed Andersen for the album "At The Shrine" via the compilation CD boxed set "The Artistry of Stan Getz, Vol. 1"
posted by paulsc 15 May | 18:51
#12 Call Me Darling

Josh White, Jr. (guitar) and Robin Batteau (violin) from their 1986 CD "Jazz, Ballads, and Blues" with a pretty ballad by White.
posted by paulsc 15 May | 18:57
#13 Pharaoh's Dance

From the 1969 album "Bitches Brew" here is Miles Davis with a tune by Joe Zawinul.
posted by paulsc 15 May | 19:00
#14 Undecided

Flautist Hubert Laws from his 1976 CTI studio album "Romeo and Juliet" with a frequently recorded tune from 1921 by Sydney Robin and Charlie Shavers.
posted by paulsc 15 May | 19:20
#15 Blues for Pat

Billy Higgins/Charlie Haden/Pat Metheny from their 1983 CD "Rejoicing" with a Charlie Haden tune.
posted by paulsc 15 May | 19:27
#16 Down Home with Homey

Wynton Marsalis (trumpet) with a tune of his own composition recorded May 31, 1988 in NYC, for the CD "Uptown Ruler: Soul Gestures in Southern Blues, Vol. 2" via the 2001 compilation CD "Popular Songs: The Best of Wynton Marsalis." With Marcus Roberts (piano), Reginald Veal (bass), Herlin Riley (drums) and Todd Williams (saxophone)
posted by paulsc 15 May | 19:33
#17 Mr. P.C.

John Coltrane (tenor sax) with a tune of his own from the CD reissue of his 1960 album "Giant Steps." With Tommy Flanagan (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), and Art Taylor (drums).
posted by paulsc 15 May | 19:45
#18 Kathelin Gray

Pat Metheny (guitar), Ornette Coleman (soprano sax), Charlie Haden (bass) and Jack DeJohnette (drums), with a Metheny/Coleman composition from the 1986 CD "Song X."
posted by paulsc 15 May | 19:52
#19 Blame It On The Egg

Bob Moses, from his 1982 CD "When Elephants Dream of Music", with what is probably best described as an aside to the audience. Just a tiny tune, but why not? If there are places in the world for 20 minute jazz improvisations, there must be niches for good, but short ideas, too, right?
posted by paulsc 15 May | 19:56
#20 Festival Sketch

The Modern Jazz Quartet from the reissue CD of the 1960 album "European Concert," with a tune by pianist John Lewis. With Milt Jackson (vibraphone), Connie Kaye (drums) and Percy Heath (bass).
posted by paulsc 15 May | 19:57
#21 Cookin' At The Continental

Ramsey Lewis and Billy Taylor with a piano duet of a tune by Horace Silver from their 1988 CD "We Meet Again."
posted by paulsc 15 May | 20:02
#22 Boulevard of Broken Dreams

We'll reprise the Al Dubin/Henry Warren tune, played earlier by Art Tatum in the #2 spot in this program, with this version by Diana Krall, from her 1996 CD "All For You."
posted by paulsc 15 May | 20:07
#23 I Will Say Goodbye

Once again, The Bill Evans Trio, with Eddie Gomez on bass and Eliot Zigmund on drums, takes us out with the title track from the 1977 album of the same name. To recap, in this set, we heard:

1. McCoy Tyner - The Greeting (2:27)
2. Art Tatum - Boulevard of Broken Dreams (5:21)
3. King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band - Riverside Blues (3:00)
4. Beiderbecke, Bix - Jazz Me Blues (3:05)
5. Billie Holiday - Until the Real Thing Comes Along (3:10)
6. Fats Waller - Sposin' (Fats Waller and his Rhythm) (2:52)
7. Charlie Parker - Shaw 'Nuff (2:59)
8. George Shearing - Lullaby of Birdland (2:27)
9. Miles Davis - Orbits (4:39)
10. Ella Fitzgerald - She Didn't Say Yes (3:22)
11. Stan Getz - Flamingo (7:24)
12. White, Josh Jr., with Robin Batteau - Call Me Darling (3:06)
13. Miles Davis - Pharaoh's Dance (20:00)
14. Hubert Laws - Undecided (6:13)
15. Billy Higgins/Charlie Haden/Pat Metheny - Blues for Pat (6:05)
16. Wynton Marsalis - Down Home with Homey (11:57)
17. John Coltrane - Mr. P.C. (7:02)
18. Pat Metheny/Ornette Coleman - Kathelin Gray (4:15)
19. Bob Moses - Blame It On The Egg (1:21)
20. The Modern Jazz Quartet - Festival Sketch (4:40)
21. Ramsey Lewis/Billy Taylor - Cookin' At The Continental (4:34) (4:37)
22. Diana Krall - Boulevard of Broken Dreams (6:27)
23. Bill Evans Trio - I Will Say Goodbye (3:30)

Until next time, kids, assuming Comcast gets things figured out at my house on Thursday! Sorry about the late start and finish, tonight.
posted by paulsc 15 May | 20:13
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