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15 May 2007

To meddle or not to meddle? [More:]The store in question in this CL Missed Connections ad is across the street from my house. I don't know which guy she's talking about, but you can bet I'm going to walk over to see, just for curiosity's sake. (Plus, I'm almost out of toilet paper.)

Question is, do I print out this ad and mistakenly drop it while inside the store?

I have no stake in this, I just think it's cool to know that someone thinks you're hot.
I would certainly like to see that if it were aimed at me. Then again, I could read something like that and be totally oblivious to the fact that it was directed at me, even with such specific details.
posted by backseatpilot 15 May | 18:56
posted by krix 15 May | 19:08
I don't know if I would meddle but I would definitely go get some toilet paper. :P
posted by LunaticFringe 15 May | 19:30
How could you not? Except he would possibly think it was just you trying to be coy, which may have unintended consequences.
posted by dg 15 May | 19:33
My other thought was slipping it under the door after they close. I feel like I need to see him first, though, just to make sure someone isn't making fun of him.
posted by mudpuppie 15 May | 19:42
Print it out, take it over, get your toilet paper and, as you're paying, say, "Hey, I was looking at craigslist and thought you guys might want to see this". Then go home and reward yourself with the cool beverage of your choice.
posted by bmarkey 15 May | 19:43
It's gone now. But it sounds like an intriguing dilemma.
posted by PY 15 May | 19:48
What did it say?
posted by brina 15 May | 19:57
Whoa, it is gone. Weird. I guess maybe it could have been a joke after all.

Brina, it was basically "Hey, hottie who works at the Dollar Store, you're nice and you always ask me if I found everything I need and I always say yes. But no! I need your phone number."

Rehash, but you get the point.

I only got suspicious after posting this question, then seeing that the title indicated that there was a picture inside. The picture was of the Dollar Tree logo.

But maybe I'm overthinking. Maybe whoever posted it just got nervous.
posted by mudpuppie 15 May | 20:02
It said
i always see you when i go to the dollar tree in davis, you work the register. you ask me if i found everything ok, & i always say yes. but really, no, i have not. i would also like to find your name & phone number. & maybe i would like to find my way into your heart.
posted by iconomy 15 May | 20:03
or maybe the poster took it down because she gave her number (or emailed)!
posted by PY 15 May | 20:06
Jazz on Radio Mecha. (a little late) || My cabal provider just gave me an automated phone call