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15 May 2007

"Girth and Nudity, a Pictorial Mission." See those words as a NYT headline, and who isn't going to click?

But upon clicking through, who expects to see the guy in the picture?
Seems like metafilter found out about this a while ago. I don't remember being impressed by any sort of talent. But I could be a little jealous that I'm not taking pictures of young, nude and possibly sensual women.
posted by philomathoholic 15 May | 02:29
He doesn’t necessarily find them sexually attractive. “But I do think they’re beautiful.” Judging by his responses, the writer also asks him if he's a fat-fetishist.

I never heard that story (shin/Shaddai/God) behind the famous hand signal. I wonder what other hand gestures they contemplated using before deciding on that one.
posted by PY 15 May | 02:30
He almost flashed a gang sign, but was afraid his peeps were gonna jump him.
posted by TrishaLynn 15 May | 06:13
PY: Apparently, they were going to have T'Pau touch him on the shoulders, as if dubbing a knight, but Nimoy thought that would be an invasion of privacy for a telepathic race.

Direct link to the website where some of the photographs are displayed. N. S. F. W. I love some of the visual quotes (Newton, Duchamp).
posted by stilicho 15 May | 06:27
Wow, Matisse's Dance of Life is there too! See, I totally got something out of Art History last term.

I do look at all kinds of art differently now, and probably wouldn't have even followed the link if I hadn't taken the course.
posted by bilabial 15 May | 06:50
This is interesting, but I wonder how much is just for the shock value. Which is, after all, the same thing one could say about his last major exhibit.

Props to the models for being so comfortable in their own skin.

I don't know, that article danced a bit too close to the whole fat acceptance movement, something I have a personal gripe with, and I'm trying my best not to turn this post into a rant about that.
posted by kellydamnit 15 May | 10:01
What do you think about fat acceptance, kellydamnit?
posted by box 15 May | 11:52
I'd like to hear the rant too, kelly.

I wasn't really commenting on the exhibit -- just that the headline was a bit salacious, and I didn't expect to see Leonard Nimoy staring back at me after I clicked it. I could probably muster an opinion on the photos themselves, and the idea behind them, but it's not a priority today.
posted by mudpuppie 15 May | 12:51
I'm weirdly skeptical about Nimoy's motives. Is it just because I'm not a big fan of that show he was on? Should I just try to look past that, and focus on his work in that Bangles video?
posted by box 15 May | 12:58
Well, since you asked...

On the surface I think it's always a Very Good Thing when people are encouraged to be happy with themselves. That's great.

However, they seem to LOVE harping on how unhealthy it is for the models/actresses/etc to be underweight, while at the same time downplaying or even ignoring the health impact of being overweight.

I mean, I am 100% all for people finding anyone of any size attractive, absolutely. Shit, I'm a size 18 now, and I was close to a 28 not too long ago, and I wasn't about to complain when I found people who were into me despite, or because of, my physique.
But I'm not going to be happy to be a 5'2" size 18, or claim it's HEALTHY to be one, when I see my older relatives, many diabetics, many suffering with heart disease, joint problems, and a whole manner of things, and I know damn well it came from a lifetime of being overweight.

It just seems like the initial motives of the whole thing, the idea that they just want to make people who are overweight happy with themselves and make society see overweight people AS people, are overshadowed by the extremists who rant about how it's healthier to be overweight than underweight, or how there's no link between weight and various illnesses, etc.
And in my mind, that's just as fucked up and unhealthy as convincing people to be a size 0.
posted by kellydamnit 15 May | 14:45
I have found that, too, kellydamnit.

I think this project is nice because it shows heavier women in ways that are aesthetically appealing. The models are smiling and look like they're having a good time. Photography of female nudes has explored the aesthetics of thin bodies enough already. :)
posted by halonine 15 May | 15:13
I don't think the photography is very good, though... at least, I don't think the photos themselves (the ones I just saw linked from stilicho, anyway) are technically or aesthetically very skilled, and that they wouldn't warrant a major gallery showing or a NYT article if it hadn't been Spock. I have a sort of resentment about any celebrity who decides to become an "artist" and gets a lot of high profile attention while so many genuinely talented artists are starving and ignored, though.

(Not that celebrities can't also be genuinely talented artists, musicians, photographers, etc... just, most of the time, they really aren't.)
posted by taz 15 May | 15:51
I would basically agree. To use a format I have never seen outside of the SAT...
posted by PY 15 May | 19:46
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