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07 May 2007

The Mainstream-O-Meter ... will show you how mainstream (uncool) you are. I am 48.7% mainstream, sadly. If it weren't for those Beatles, and Led Zeppelin, grr.

Where are the rest of ya at? ( profile with listening history required to play)
posted by box 07 May | 11:52

/me runs away and hides
posted by bkudria 07 May | 11:58
Doubles are no sweat here, bkudria. Hi.
posted by danostuporstar 07 May | 12:05
Well, I missed the other one and I'm glad to say I'm 2.72% mainstream. Given my weird life, I guess that's about right in all areas, not just music.
posted by mygothlaundry 07 May | 12:35
I'm 10.31% mainstream. I'm kinda more interested in who's the most mainstream, though I wonder whether that kind of listener, and that kind of listening, is underrepresented in's userbase.
posted by box 07 May | 12:45
I'm 14.56% mainstream.
posted by Hellbient 07 May | 13:29
I'm around 40% mainstream. Which is probably about right.
posted by seanyboy 07 May | 13:53
I do not understand how this works.
posted by essexjan 07 May | 14:18
Oh no, at 14.73%, I'm slightly more mainstream than hellbient!

However, my girlfriend comes out at less than 1% mainstream, so she wins.
posted by klangklangston 07 May | 14:38
26.96 % mainstream.

And I'm okay with that.
posted by grabbingsand 07 May | 14:54
Alas, I am not even mainstream enough to have a account.
posted by brina 07 May | 16:05
yeah klang, I'm blaming Bowie, The Clash, Mr. Cash and The Strokes (ahem) on that number.
posted by Hellbient 07 May | 16:29 keeps saying my username isn't valid, even tho it is. Guess I'll never know how mainstream I am.
posted by smich 07 May | 17:07
I'm at 15% or so...thank heavens. No good Dylan and Bowie! I could never complain about the only band that matters though, so I'll leave my complaining at that!
posted by richat 07 May | 19:14
Oh, ok, danostuporstar, thanks. Had me worried a bit there. Hi back.
posted by bkudria 07 May | 20:01
I score 13.7%. It would have been lower if the tape-Beatles didn't induce division by 0.

Why is Arling & Cameron less than 1% mainstream? They soundtracked a Gap ad, for Pete's sake. They do remixes for Bjork. They're better known than... well... than at least five other higher-scoring artists on my list.
posted by ardgedee 07 May | 20:05
29.2% mainstream, pretty much right where I thought I'd be.
posted by psmealey 11 May | 12:50
Sigh: Reality Show incest || Can anyone identify this houseplant?