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30 April 2007

Y'all are 68% mainstream Sez Last.Fm. You can chart your personal mainstreamyness there too.[More:]
Though my methodolgical complaint comes from figuring the rank of top artists purely against other people's listens withou weighting it for the percentage of total listens of a user's history...
10.93% for me. I'll have to try harder to fit in.
posted by arse_hat 30 April | 22:46
I'm at about 16%, sez them, because I have David Bowie in my top 10. Still, I'm not worried about it or nothin' (I do think it's funny that Radiohead is their 100% mainstream artist).
posted by klangklangston 30 April | 23:09
5.17 % mainstream lol
posted by Eideteker 30 April | 23:23
I'm 35% mainstream. Who's driving us up? (but yeah, radiohead 100% mainstream? huh.)
posted by gaspode 30 April | 23:25
Can't get more mainstream 90's than Radiohead can you?
posted by arse_hat 30 April | 23:34
Gaspodeó The same principle by which opinion polling works. The larger the sample, the more likely that the "mainstream" choice will be emphasized. If we all like 99 different things, and the Beatles, then the results will give the appearence of The Beatles dominating our listening.
posted by klangklangston 30 April | 23:54
18.01%. I was listening to this most of this stuff before it was "mainstream", of course :)
posted by puke & cry 01 May | 00:12
Radiohead are 103.59% mainstream? Is this something I would have to put 110% effort into understanding? Hope me please, N@ or someone.
posted by GeckoDundee 01 May | 03:25
13.70% mainstream. Yeah, kinda happy with that.
posted by TheDonF 01 May | 04:54
25% here. I thought it'd be higher than that.
posted by BoringPostcards 01 May | 06:45
11.63% (i play no radiohead at all, ever, this must be my problem).
posted by crush-onastick 01 May | 08:18

It would be lower if my son hadn't listened to Jimmy Eat World about a gazillion times without disabling the audioscrobbler plug-in.

Josh Millard vs Los Muchachos Mexicanos mainstreamness - ???

Hee. *waves to cortex*
posted by iconomy 01 May | 08:55
for the week: 12.84; for all time: 30.92

suck it haters.
posted by stynxno 01 May | 09:42
0.83% for the week (would've been lower if it wasn't for hellbient's favorite R. Kelly song), 10.27 for all time.

I didn't realize the wideness, and shallowness, of the mainstream until I saw the figures. A taste of the jazz numbers: Miles Davis, ~30%. John Coltrane, ~18%. Charles Mingus, ~9%. Archie Shepp, ~2%. That's a pretty quick drop-off.

Also, I think it measures mainstreamness against the population. And last I knew, Radiohead was one of the most popular bands on there (tied for first, with the Beatles, in the Metafilter group).
posted by box 01 May | 12:08
Yeah, it does measure against the public, which has a pretty distinct demographic. However, I think that that demographic lines up well with the yupster lite-indie glut that IS the mainstream, really, in America (and England, to some extent).
posted by klangklangston 01 May | 21:41
LOL Cats? || I thought I was having a bad day.