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02 May 2007

Down with peepee and coochie! I'm feeling ... crotchety. [More:]
Those tired old euphemisms have GOT to go. We're a creative bunch here, so let's think up alternatives. Here's what I've come up with so far:

(f) bazizzle, encroach motel, Tigress of You 'Fraidies, chupacabra del sur, fork in the road
(m) cumquat, Adam's chapel, Mexican hairless, gristly bare, Staffy O'Coccus
(Not that anyone asked, but the genesis of this thread was the late left turn that mudpuppie's Stickynips thread took yesterday.)
posted by rob511 02 May | 18:10
Staffy O'Coccus is brilliant. Those would make such great usernames or band names.

Peter O'Toole (perfect just the way it is)
Divine-ing Rod
The Andre 3000

Haute Couture (pronounced Hot Cooter, but with some French verve)
The Love Below (works really well with the Andre 3000, as does the Speakerboxxx)
posted by iconomy 02 May | 18:10
(f)tantalizing love cavern (TLC)
(m)beloved lovehammer of thrustosity (BLT)
posted by jonmc 02 May | 18:11
*sits back with smug grin on "puss," happy with early election returns*
posted by rob511 02 May | 18:15
(f) center of gravity
posted by Specklet 02 May | 18:27
What's wrong with the good old "penis and vagina" and "cock and cunt"?
posted by cmonkey 02 May | 18:28
where is your sense of poetry, man?? 'penis' sounds like some obscure bile duct and 'vagina' sounds like a heart disease. The most fun parts of our body deserve better furburger and meathammer...
posted by jonmc 02 May | 18:30
Bah! You cannot fornicate and procreate when your "meathammer" gives a "hot love injection" into a "furburger", my good sir.
posted by cmonkey 02 May | 18:37
Don't call me 'my good sir.'

(unless we're playing 'knight and novice.' It's not thursday, is it? ;))
posted by jonmc 02 May | 18:41
I've got plenty of verbage for the bits, but what I want is a good alternative for clitoris. "Button" is the best I've ever heard, but it falls way short. Clit isn't awufl, I guess, but still, that's where there isn't any poetry. (Peen? Vage? See what I mean?)
posted by rainbaby 02 May | 18:42
dangling modifier and, um... reflexive case?
posted by syntax 02 May | 18:53
Ralph and Alice? Fred and Wilma?
posted by Pips 02 May | 19:14
Boobies are Thelma and Louise.
posted by rainbaby 02 May | 19:16
penis' sounds like some obscure bile duct and 'vagina' sounds like a heart disease.

Mark, Howard and Chorus: Penis!
Lucy: It sounds so overwhelmingly medicinal.
Janet: A penis sounds like something a doctor would have hanging off of him.
Lucy: None of the men I know and love in the rock and roll business got penises. They all got cocks or dicks at least.
Janet: Sure, you want to go strap on a pop star, and he wants to stick a penis up you, where is that at?
posted by Lentrohamsanin 02 May | 19:30
Previously on metachat Oh! What fun!
posted by mike9322 03 May | 06:38
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