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01 May 2007

Doh! Google! : ( [More:] So I have Google set up as my home page, including most of my "jump off" links. This morning I noticed the personalized homepage header said "iGoogle" instead of the usual "Google". Then..... all my settings went away and it is back to the starter homepage.

I think they're putting out an upgrade; I hope they didn't lose all my data in the process. : (

Knowing the way these things work, my data will be gone just long enough for me to recreate what I had, then it will restore to the old settings....

Does anyone else have a Google personalized homepage? Is this happening for you too? Or is it just me?
Did you see this? Google's been a bitch for me all day today.
posted by iconomy 01 May | 11:23
Did you have a homepage set up? Did it vanish like mine did?
posted by Doohickie 01 May | 11:29
Doohickie, are you signed in to your Google account? I signed out of Gmail, then went to Google, and everything was all awry. When I signed back in, it was back to normal.
posted by kat allison 01 May | 11:55
Yeah, I'm signed in. It shows me as signed in at the top. I tried signing out and signing back in, but it didn't help.
posted by Doohickie 01 May | 11:57
And over on the blue, at least one other person has had the same experience.
posted by Doohickie 01 May | 12:08
My experience was the same as everyone else's. I lost my individual theme (the bus stop, in case you were wondering) and all my bookmarks. I reset my theme, and then went into "Add Stuff" and clicked on the Google Bookmark widget, thinking I would have to re-type all my bookmarks. For some reason, though, once I installed Bookmarks back on my homepage, all my old bookmarks came back with no further effort from me. (I'm assuming when you say "jump off links" you're referring to what I call bookmarks, yeah?)
posted by Lassie 01 May | 12:55
Everything came back. I started to look at the content, and added the bookmarks (yeah, my "jump off links"), and just adding the gadget brought my bookmarks all back.

Then, I was looking at other content, and *poof*, it went back to the old desktop. Whether I caused it by messing with my bookmarks, or it just came back on its own, I don't know.
posted by Doohickie 01 May | 14:29
For my money, if Google wants to be a portal they should do better at honoring cookies. I never have my Gmail signin active when I go to Gmaps, so I never have my saved locations ready. Nor am I signed in when I do searches on Google Books, so I can't see inside many search results. And so on. Drives me up the wall.
posted by stilicho 02 May | 00:58
I don't have Gmail; I use a different email address to log into iGoogle, and the cookies store just fine; I never have to sign on unless I clear all my cookies.
posted by Doohickie 02 May | 11:48
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