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01 May 2007

Party food ideas! So my roommate is turning 28 tomorrow, and we figured that compiled with the fifth falling on a Saturday[1] means we simply must have a party.

But I need food suggestions! [More:]

So far here's what I've got:
chips with a variety of dips- salsa, guac, etc. Anyone got a good cheese dip recipe they can share?

Sweet corn cake

refried beans (someone is bringing those)

And I was thinking of a make-your-own taco/fajitas set up. Like, keep the meat in a couple crockpots, put all the fillings out, that sort of thing.

Any other suggestions?

[1]Neither of us are Mexican, nor is there any Mexican population of note anywhere near Buffalo. We just subscribe to the city-wide tradition of celebrating any and all drinking holidays.
Is Mighty Taco still in business?

Anyway, a lot of people just LOVE deviled eggs and appreciate them when they show up. (Okay, maybe it's just me that loves deviled eggs.)
posted by Doohickie 01 May | 11:17
Best nacho cheese I know is a brick of Velveeta with a jar of salsa mixed in.
posted by Doohickie 01 May | 11:18
some kind of guacamole
posted by iconomy 01 May | 11:21
Cheese dip suggestion:

I don't know what this dip is really called but my family has always called it "baby shit dip". Unappetizing name but delicious dip.

1 block cream cheese, cubed
1 block cheddar cheese, grated
1-2 cans home-made or canned chili.

Melt all ingredients together in saucepan, stirring frequently. Microwaving not recommended as explosions tend to result if not watched/stirred frequently, which kinda defeats the purpose of microwaving. Serve with tortilla chips/pita bread.

posted by WolfDaddy 01 May | 11:26
A half dozen somewhat-special deviled eggs? I once made 'em with tartar sauce, a bit of medium ground peppercorns and the merest hint of lime juice, and people raved. A touch of salsa in the corner of each egg (you figure it out, heheh) would be a nice garnish. Chili powder instead of paprika of course.

If you have some time, try to find chili powder actually "Made In Mexico". Not easy in Buffalo perhaps, but it should be possible.

Don't worry about deviled eggs not being ethnic enough. From what I have seen of South American grocery stores, their culture probably eats more eggs more ways than americans anyway. Heck, a jar of pickled eggs would probably be the most authentic item you could place on your table.
posted by mischief 01 May | 11:34
Good god, yes, Mighty Taco is still in business. The sky hasn't gone black as sackcloth and the rivers turned to blood, have they?

However, my budget is not such that I can afford enough Mighty Taco to feed between 25-40 people.

I went to this Mexican restaurant not long ago. Very traditional, family run, that sort of thing. We got something just called "cheese dip" to go with the chips, and it was mind blowing. I wish I knew what kind of cheese it was!
posted by kellydamnit 01 May | 11:35
California rolls with and without the fake crab are pretty easy to make and have always gone over well whenever I've brought them. I also have a great recipe for shrimp pakoras with mango chutney (all homemade) that is also a big hit. Chicken skewers with a satay sauce are pretty easy and food on a stick is always fun. Fondue? Both the cheese/bread and meat/sauce varieties. Baguettes and a few dips? Pitas, veggies and humus. I second deviled eggs, I love them. Smoked salmon and cream cheese on crackers or melba toast?
posted by LunaticFringe 01 May | 12:00
I would strongly recommend not serving humus at a party *cackles*
posted by WolfDaddy 01 May | 12:03
I also have a recipe, stolen from a friend, for a layered nacho dip that is horribly addictive. So much yumminess. I'm starting to drool.

Email me if you're interested!
posted by LunaticFringe 01 May | 12:04
Clearly I meant hummus and not humus. Thanks wolfdaddy. :P
posted by LunaticFringe 01 May | 12:08
With the velveeta, the rotel. Rotel from the canned tomato section, not salsa or chili.
posted by rainbaby 01 May | 12:28
Kelly, you're going to hate me for this, but I misread the thread title as Farty food ideas!

Although, come to think about it, the list I was mentally composing does have some overlap with other people's suggestions.
posted by tangerine 01 May | 18:20
I was going to suggest spankopita, but enough for up to 40 people to have a couple finger-food-sized portions each is (a) lotsa work; (b) somewhat un-cheap (feta, phyllo); and above all (c) a nontrivial evolution in the kitchen. But dang, it sho' 'nuff eats real good! 'Sides, if you care that it's Cinco de Mayo, spank isn't really thematically appropriate.

If you can get a deal on bulk cheddar or jack cheese and shred it coarsely with some chorizo and cilantro, you could make botanas to serve with lots of tortillas. Nicely gooey, cheesy and fattening, yes no?
posted by PaxDigita 01 May | 20:24
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