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26 February 2007

45 mins of radio. Give or take a few.
safetyfork, your stream is showing up for me as 56/22 mono. If you want 64/22 stereo, you may need to reselect your settings in Winamp DSP, if you're using Winamp.
posted by paulsc 26 February | 19:18
I will be drinking a beer, playing a few fun songs and thinking about what to fix for dinner.

Ex-Models - Hott 4 Discourse. From Zoo Psychology. This is before they went "Fundustrial"

Elvis Costello - Radio Sweetheart. We had a Costello in our High School. Totally different person.

The Breeders - When I Was A Painter. From Pod, my favorite Breeders album.
posted by safetyfork 26 February | 19:20
Thanks paulsc. I'm not using winamp but I have those settings that I can change. I'm wondering if doing it now will cause a problem. Perhaps we should find out.
posted by safetyfork 26 February | 19:21
Looks like my app is smart enough to not let me change while broadcasting. I'll have to adjust that later I guess. Unless I can time some kind of fast fingered dead air. Though I doubt I have the skills for it.
posted by safetyfork 26 February | 19:23
The Ex - Listen to the Painters. Inspiring band, for serious.
posted by safetyfork 26 February | 19:24
Apples In Stereo - Seems So. From Tone Soul Evolution.

The Buzzcocks - What Do I Get? For Agropyron! Not song appropriate. Just because.

Cadallaca - Two Beers Later. I don't know if this should be a drinking song, but that's the current application. Corin sounds great! Of course.

Crackerbash - My Own Fool. Awww...I used to love these guys. Great live. Too bad they broke up.
posted by safetyfork 26 February | 19:35
Enon - Conjugate The Verbs. From Believo! Believe it.

The Faint - I Disappear. As far as the whole 80s synthdancebandrevivalthing goes, the Faint are among my top picks. Their Media album which is more traditionally indie/college rock is also pretty good. Looking back, you can kind of see where they would go from there -- even though they've also completely surprised me.
posted by safetyfork 26 February | 19:43
The Halo Benders - Your Asterisk. Calvin Johnson! Doug Martsch! From "The Rebels Not In". Takes one back to Oly.

Heavenly - Ben Sherman. From Operation Heavenly... and possibly some of the cleverest lyrics I know. Hyperbole aside, it's a great album.

Komeda - It's Alright, Baby. From What Makes It Go? Another great pop album with clever lyrics.
posted by safetyfork 26 February | 19:54
I've loved this so far, safetyfork! Sadly, it's nearly 3 a.m. for me, so I guess I oughtta scoot on out of here. Gorgeous set, though.
posted by taz 26 February | 19:58
Outkast - B.O.B. This was the first song of theirs I heard and it totally sold me on them.

Draco - Dracomedown. A little super heavy good to end the set with.

Thanks for listening. I'm going to go make a salad and pizza. G'night taz!
posted by safetyfork 26 February | 20:01
"And that is more or less what it's like in the 'hood" || The unbearable sadness of the internets.