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28 December 2006

A night to remember... A platonic male friend and I are trying to plan a New Year's Eve for ourselves. We've got as far as agreeing to cook dinner together at Swan's End. Does anyone have some fun, creative, relatively cheap suggestions for a good way to spend New Year's Eve? I can't be up all night or drink much because I've got family stuff to do the next day. What are all you people doing for New Year's?
Sciurus is visiting me! We have no idea but I think a friend of mine is having a party so we might do that. Or we might stay in, drink the champers and "see what happens." I'm sorta leaning towards the second thing.
posted by LunaticFringe 28 December | 13:36
I'm all about the board games, myself.
posted by gaspode 28 December | 13:44
I'm going to sit in the dark and drink my way through the miserable night.

But if that option isn't open to you, I strongly suggest a good round of rummy.
posted by cmonkey 28 December | 13:56
Dunno... maybe dinner at home, movies, a midnight toast at the Remote... break a few resolutions...
posted by Pips 28 December | 14:26
You'll endure eternal damnation for braeking resolutions.

All but one man died,
There at Bitter Creek,
And they say he ran away ...


*passes out against desk*
posted by jonmc 28 December | 14:28
Can only two play pictionary? Because if so, I'll probably never have to see an outside human again. Yay.
posted by taz 28 December | 14:32
*passes out against desk*

Quick, get the diaper and sash.

(He'd make a cut Baby New Year, wouldn't he? : )
posted by Pips 28 December | 14:36
(that's supposed to be "cute," but cut'll do)
posted by Pips 28 December | 14:37
Heh. A diaper. I may never have a reason to get off the couch again.

Orange Swan, since this is your thread, in honor of your prepetual dating troubles, I offer this. Happy New Year!
posted by jonmc 28 December | 14:45
I'm playing a show. My band will be playing intermission in the lobby while two much larger bands will be playing on the main stage. We also have to play a special pre-party, and supposedly the after-party, so it's essentially like I'm working.
posted by drezdn 28 December | 14:54
... prepetual ... , so nuanced. ;-P
posted by mischief 28 December | 15:13
I am watching movies, playing board games and cards at home with friends and family.

Could you catch a movie at an IMAX theater? Could you have a drink or two at a cozy coffee/cocktail bar after dinner? Could you go back to your place and listen to music, watch the ball drop, and open up a bottle of champagne? Could you watch two or three films in a row that you have always wanted to see? Could you make something together like a stained glass kit or bake a dessert? Or make your own Warhol. (Maybe a bad idea, but something I would like to do.)

Could you write down all of the things you would like to accomplish in 2007? Maybe come up with one thing to do in 2007 together that is unexpected and out of your comfort zone. Maybe you could pick a few easy goals and one difficult out of a hat and vow to accomplish them. Trite? Silly? Maybe, but it might be fun.

This is my first post on metachat. Don't hate me if my ideas suck. :)
posted by LoriFLA 28 December | 15:21
Those are very good ideas, Lori, and welcome to MeCha!
posted by Orange Swan 28 December | 16:11
Orange Swan, since you're in T.O....last year we started a tradition of going to St. Lawrence market during the day (I love it there) and shopping for fresh, awesome stuff to make a great, late dinner. Last year was surf 'n turf...really nice filet mignons and some fresh lobster. Not sureof this year's menu yet. Try some new great cheese/bread/etc. for hors d'oeuvres, make some nice drinks and spend the night blasting good music, drinking and talking while bar-b-quing. We usually turn on the TV at a few minutes to midnight and watch some lame countdown then drink more.
Not very original but my priorities have changed in the last few's all about good food and drinks and not so much about some crappy club.
posted by chococat 28 December | 16:49
Board games! I like Sorry, Yahtzee and Boggle. Scrabble not so much, since I get totally absorbed in making the words and couldn't care less about the strategy angle. Hence, I always lose.

Also, maybe rent a complete-season DVD or two of a TV show that you've never watched before (or one that you absolutely love!) and have a mini-marathon.

Welcome, Lori!
posted by initapplette 28 December | 20:44
Scrabble not so much, since I get totally absorbed in making the words and couldn't care less about the strategy angle. Hence, I always lose.

Ha! Me too!

Thanks for the greetings Orange Swan and initapplette.
posted by LoriFLA 28 December | 23:00
I love Scrabble and have the deluxe set with the turntable, but people hate to play it with me because I take so long. I can always think of a word, but I'm always certain there's a much better one I haven't thought of yet.
posted by Orange Swan 28 December | 23:54
Usually I go to a movie that runs past midnight. The year my lab died I put together a mixtape. One year I tried to hold a slumber party, but only two people rsvp'd. The year I decided to keep it low-key and invite someone from my teen group over for pizza and videos, she called at the last minute and said that her grandmother wouldn't let her come --even though my parents were there.
posted by brujita 29 December | 01:25
The best revenge I never wrought || BP Radio