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13 December 2006

Some ambidextrous have it both ways -- People who can write with both their right and left hands are more likely to be bisexual, new research has found.
There's something very sinister about where this is heading.
posted by seanyboy 13 December | 18:28
But, what happens if they drink too much soy milk?
posted by ericb 13 December | 18:28
If that had been a british publication, the headline would have read, "Some ambidextrous have it off both ways," I think.
posted by BoringPostcards 13 December | 18:31
This is perfect code b.t.w.

"You know <Insert Famous pop star name here> is ambidextrous. If you know what I mean?"
posted by seanyboy 13 December | 18:35
Well like Woody Allen always said, "The best thing about being ambidextrous is that it doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night".
posted by iconomy 13 December | 19:28
No asthma, no bisexuality, on dyslexia. Man, I really struck out in the ambidexterity lottery.
posted by Eideteker 13 December | 19:36
This is terrible news for the monodextrous gender unfussy person. It's bad enough having queers tell you that you don't exist, now I'll have to put up with ambidextrous bisexuals telling me I'm not really one of them, either.
posted by jack_mo 13 December | 20:14
I'm bisexual and mostly ambidextrous - I can't write left handed very well, but can do everything else. I'm not hyperactive (quite the opposite), asthmatic or dyslexic. However, I suffer from dyscalculia, dyslexia's lesser known sibling (is it any wonder I hate math?).

There are several lefties in the family including a cousin most of us suspect is gay (not that there's anything wrong with that).
posted by deborah 13 December | 21:13
Heh...i'm asthmatic AND ambidextrous! I wonder what THAT means!!!!
posted by ramix 13 December | 21:17
Oh..and left handed too...!!! oh dear oh dear...!!
posted by ramix 13 December | 21:18
Interesting, especially the choosing your handedness part at the end.
posted by danostuporstar 13 December | 22:00
ramix your either an ambi or a lefty, you can't be both.
posted by Mitheral 13 December | 22:15
From the article, it did kinda sound like you could be both, since writing was the sole criteria for ambi.

people who use both tend to say they are lefties
posted by danostuporstar 13 December | 22:28
OK, I'm not really ambidextrous, nor very bisexual, but I can read and write upside down. That's gotta get me something, right?
posted by stilicho 13 December | 23:50
I write primarily with my left...but can switch back and forth. So yeah, technically i'm ambi, but identify as a leftie.
posted by ramix 14 December | 04:29
Okay, I haven't read the article, but I can't help but wonder if they actually found that self-identified ambidextrous people are more likely to be self-identified bisexuals. Maybe I'll go read the thing now.
posted by box 14 December | 09:09
OK, I'm not really ambidextrous, nor very bisexual, but I can read and write upside down.
posted by iconomy 14 December | 09:13
The most vanilla girlfriend I ever had could write reversed and/or upside down and/or mirrored with either hand.

Maybe she was getting all her kink from the other team.
posted by Mitheral 14 December | 13:23
I am drunk and on a borrowed computer and I love you all very much || talk about well-traveled