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28 October 2006

Tried Firefox 2, but ... [More:]I've reinstalled 1.5, because my favourite extension isn't 2.0 compatible. It's the 'imageshack right-click' extension, which ImageShack has decided not to develop further because it's developing its toolbar instead, which again isn't 2.0 compatible.

Apart from that 2.0 is great.

So if anyone out there has the geekery to be able to update my best extension for 2.0, I'd be eternally grateful.
Did you try Nightly Tester Tools? It's a wee add-on that somehow tricks older extensions into thinking they work with the latest version. (It can bugger things up, though.)
posted by jack_mo 28 October | 06:26
I think Imagebot will work for what you want to do, Jan.

Once you've right-clicked and uploaded, select the image, right click to "copy", and the url should be on your clipboard. I didn't try it in 2.0 but it says it's compatible.
posted by taz 28 October | 07:11
OT: hey essexjan, if we had a Cambridge meetup, would you come? Or are you not in the right part of Essex...
posted by grouse 28 October | 08:19
I'm about 50 miles from Cambridge, so if it wasn't on a night when I have to be in bed early for work next day, then I'd definitely be up for it.

Taz, imagebot doesn't work with 2.0, according to the comments on the linked page.
posted by essexjan 28 October | 09:02
I tried Nightly Tester Tools, and yeah, it buggered things up, which is why I went back to 1.5.

No big deal, 1.5 works fine.
posted by essexjan 28 October | 09:03
Aha! Yeah, I saw "2.0b1 ALL" and thought that it was some build past 2.0, but I see now.
posted by taz 28 October | 09:38
Cool, would you be able to do Fridays? See thread on the grey.
posted by grouse 28 October | 10:32
A Friday would be good. That formal thing looks a bit daunting though. How do you get invited to something like that?
posted by essexjan 28 October | 10:33
FF2 is really pretty good, but they've put the close tab button on the right, even on the Mac version. Macs have their UI buttons for this kind of thing on the left, so this is somewhat annoying me. I tried looking through the preferences to see if I could change it, but no such luck.
posted by TheDonF 28 October | 11:01
essexjan: That formal thing looks a bit daunting though. How do you get invited to something like that?

Wikipedia can make formals look daunting, but they're really lots of fun and not intimidating. Each Cambridge college has formals regularly - at some colleges it's twice a week, at others (like Trinity) it's five days a week. The food is generally great. Price-wise, they're heavily subsidised by colleges, so it'll be under 10, and about 3 at some colleges. Guys wear suits, girls wear something smart (but not like a ballgown or anything...), and college members wear their gowns on top.

As for getting invited, anyone who's a member of the College can invite people, so that's not a problem. A couple of days before it, you tell the college how many guests you want to have, and pick up tickets.

Don't be put off by an image of Cambridge as full of wine-quaffing sneering toffs, we're perfectly normal these days.

Grouse's college's formals will be better than those at mine, so I propose grouse's college... (if that's alright with him).
posted by matthewr 28 October | 11:07
Sounds very similar to the bar dinners I attended as a guest at Middle Temple.
posted by essexjan 28 October | 11:11
Yep, I'm up for it. Give me a date, and I'll see if I can book a cheap hotel or b&b for the night.
posted by essexjan 28 October | 11:41
Argh! No TV! || My new career: Makeup Artist to the Dead.