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28 October 2006

Argh! No TV! Got back from work last night to find no TV signal. "No worries", I thought, it'll be some transmitter work or something and it'll be back in a few minutes (I don't have cable and Murdoch take his Sky and shove it).

Saturday morning: NO TV! I don't watch much TV, but there's good stuff on at the weekend. Now I'm going to have to do something intellectual like read a book. What's the world coming to, I asks ya?

The only plus point: the woman downstairs seems to spend a lot of nights away and leaves her cat outside when she does so. I popped out last night and found the cat outside wanting attention, so I persuaded it to come upstairs to my flat where it spent an enjoyable few hours asleep either on top of me or on my bed.
Damn - I should have used the "more" thing. Sorry.
posted by TheDonF 28 October | 03:02
Cat-nappers are awesome. I think most cat-owners don't realize what their cats get up to on their own.

They're such attention sluts.
posted by loquacious 28 October | 05:08
Our cat used to come home smelling like either chinese food or perfume. Then one day we walked by the chinese restaurant down the street and we saw him in the kitchen, just hanging out, getting a scrap tossed to him every now and again.
Don't know where the perfume came from, but another day when I was with him in the front yard, a strange woman stopped on the sidewalk in front of our house and said to me, "I call him Rusty."
(Not his name.)
posted by chococat 28 October | 10:26
It's a pretty cool cat, but really didn't want to leave when I wanted to go to bed. Luckily it didn't mind being picked up, so out it went. I guess I need a name for it - I've no idea if it's a boy or a girl, so I suppose anything goes.

Still no TV and the BBC doesn't have full versions of everything I want to see. Someone will pay for this...
posted by TheDonF 28 October | 10:57
All the cool people hang out in IRC on Friday night. || Tried Firefox 2, but ...