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28 October 2006

My new career: Makeup Artist to the Dead. Why do I do these kinds of things? I just don't know. Believe me, I'm as puzzled as you are.
This is so great - I envy your 'shop skills. (psst - wanna do another freebie album cover type-thingy? I need an enterprising and talented soul to help me do up my promos for my new radio show, The Slumberland Gap. Interested?)
posted by Lipstick Thespian 28 October | 07:55
Very! Send me info, plz.
posted by taz 28 October | 07:57
Very cool!
posted by amro 28 October | 08:01
Wow that looks really good, taz!
posted by chewatadistance 28 October | 08:43
That is so rad.
posted by cmonkey 28 October | 09:14
Not nearly as creepy as you made it out to be in your title... I think it is very ... you know what? -loving. You took that miserable little pic from times past and gave it a touch or two... You made that lady happy. Very nice!
posted by carmina 28 October | 09:49
Taz -- I would line up to see an exhibit of a bunch of those. Not even that they'd need to be celebrities -- just the transformation of a human face from another time into someone that looks believably of our own time.

It's an excellent way to break down the sense of different-ness people feel about the past. Since I am involved in public history for a living, I'm always trying to get across the idea of the regular, everyday, understandable humanity of people who lived before us. Many's the time I've seen a modern person utterly transformed by costume, makeup, and hair into someone convincingly of the past -- it's awesome to see the process in reverse, and a great way of illustrating the profound superficiality of fashions.
posted by Miko 28 October | 10:27
Very cool, taz, and nice work. Also, what Miko said.
posted by eekacat 28 October | 11:29
Taz -- I would line up to see an exhibit of a bunch of those.

Ditto, too. That's exactly what came to mind. It'd be fascinating seeing the before and after; the old and new, etc.
posted by ericb 28 October | 14:40
Me too! That's a really interesting idea, taz.
posted by Specklet 28 October | 14:57
Yeah, what Miko said! This is a really neat idea, and the results are so cool. Could you do more? We'd like to see them.
posted by redvixen 28 October | 17:56
Well, thanks! I'll look around and see what I can find for source images in large enough sizes... If y'all come across anything likely, send 'em me!
posted by taz 28 October | 18:37
Tried Firefox 2, but ... || Anybody seen the Cthulhu movie?