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21 July 2006

Happiness is a Friday (on the 20th of July, '06) What makes you happy today?[More:]

The fourth entry in Schultz's 1962 book is also the title... and is so true.

I'm happy about all the advice people gave me yesterday to make me realize I need a life-change, even if it's a temporary backwards move to later move forward.

MeCha makes me happy. Thanks.
I have bread dough on its first rising.
posted by Wolfdog 21 July | 08:30
Oddly, I am happy that I am listening to Dylan's Desolation, what a song.

Also, Jen and I had a brief lottery conversation this morning. As in, "What would you do if you won?" and that was fun, right up to the point when you realize you haven't won anything yet. I might have to make a post about that to see what others would do!
posted by richat 21 July | 08:50
I got a camera that I ordered in the mail today and I'm going to play with it all day.
posted by iconomy 21 July | 09:00
Also, this photo makes me happy. It's sweet. I just went through her photostream and this cat really likes to snuggle up to things that look like people. Here's another one of hers that I like.
posted by iconomy 21 July | 09:02
I was just sitting here at my desk with a shit-eating grin, wondering the same thing.

I feel like I just had a week's vacation: yesterday the Tower of Doom I work in was closed on orders of Mayor Bloomberg to conserve power and avoid uncontrolled blackouts. The day before, I left at noon for the same reason. This past weekend, I went on the best camping trip ever. The weekend before that was a long one, spent with my mom and dad and nephew, whose incautious driving of Play-Doh motorcycles earned him several fines until he became too much of an insurance risk and lost his license, so he put his junked choppers in the bed of his Play-Doh junkyard pickup truck and drove them to the dump (the next day he declared that the insurance company forgives you after a good night's sleep and could Hugh make some more motorcycles, please).

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing a film a friend of mine is in. A few old friends came in from out of town, and I found that my almost-vacation relaxation allowed me to sink right into the mulch of friendship and breathe deep the loamy smell of fellowship and love (wow, that was purple as a day old bruise).

I finally got paid enough to make up for being ripped off the other week, so I plan to have a nice big diner lunch so my ribs won't show as much. Oh, and I'll get a chance to do laundry and stop smelling like a goddamn stewbum already.

Plenty of things go wrong, but I feel peaceful about it all, and I haven't felt peace in a while. Could be the vacation, could be stuff I've been reading, likely it's a combination of lots of things. I regret that I won't be able to go up to Ithaca for Joe Famous' show this weekend, but I'll get a chance to see them in the city sometime.

Maybe this weekend some NYC mechanisms will wanna meet up and make me even happier, but that's a topic for another thread; I'm not trying to derail here, I'm just pointing out another thing that makes me happy: all of you.
posted by Hugh Janus 21 July | 09:47
I just got my biggest account into the bordereaux, and off my desk for the time being.

I got my script for the play I'll be doing this fall, in which I attempt to seduce a drag queen, that seems like the funny.

I went to retail therapy yesterday after work, and bought a new Bath & Body Works lotion called "Breathe Happiness." It smells good, and that makes me happy.
posted by rainbaby 21 July | 09:49
backwards move

No such thing. Unless you can actually forget things you've learned and discard the experience you've accumulated.
posted by Eideteker 21 July | 10:00
I'm striving for contentment rather than happiness. Generally I'm content with my lot. I'm not sure I'll have happiness, if I do, it's a bonus.
posted by essexjan 21 July | 10:59
I am so happy today.
It's my birthday.
One of my best friends is taking me out to lunch at my favorite Indian place.
I saw one of the best local bands last night.
And I'm going out dancing tonight.

But the real joy is the new apartment. We were cleared to move in a couple days early, so now I have one less worry.
posted by kellydamnit 21 July | 12:03
I'm happy today because:

- I neither got rained on, nor steam roasted alive on my ride to work today.
- it's about 20 degrees cooler and a ton less humid than it has been (humidity in Colorado = weird and annoying)
- my awesome roommate and I go to Winter Park this weekend for yet another incredible multi-day singletrack excursion (last week = Breckenridge, 2 weeks ago = Crested Butte)

shane: I don't look at what you're doing as a 'backwards' move. besides it sounds like you woke up a lot earlier than we both did. wish I'd done the life reassessment at 27, instead of 37. oh well.

Trite Aphorism Of The Day: 'pain is inevitable. suffering is optional.' (Tao Buddhist saying)
posted by lonefrontranger 21 July | 12:18
thanks, lonefrontranger! but i'm 40 (i only look 20, lol!)

eideteker, i was thinking backwards movement as far as salary, job position, etc. you know how it is--people hate to make anything but a "lateral career move." but hell, it's not like i have a "career"

posted by shane 21 July | 12:36
The mister is on holidays next week. Yay!
posted by deborah 21 July | 13:04
I WANT MY POWER BACK! || Adventures in medicine.