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19 June 2006

Why I Love MetaFilter [More:]
Allow me to summarize.
Idiot declares war on Communist MeFi, violates central rule of FPP's by posting a link to his own blog and his declaration of war, MeFi responds with humor, animated gifs and the occasional reasoned attempt to explain to the idiot why he's an idiot. Along with many, many slags (my own included). But, because the idiot is an idiot, he is completely unable to realize how truly stupid he comes across by bleating terms he doesn't really understand.

I love the MeFi.

I just wish people wouldn't post enormous and useless crap like the play in the comments, it takes a long time to scroll through it and it adds nothing to the thread (but the mastubating kitty was gold, loquacious!).
I dunno which is turning me on more in that thread, the Zelda SNES or the naked chick that has it draped all over her.
posted by sciurus 19 June | 11:50
Uhm, just how many masturbating animal gifs do you have, loquacious?
posted by cmonkey 19 June | 11:53
Also, "risk" really takes the internet far too seriously.
posted by cmonkey 19 June | 12:01
Of course I missed it until it was nuked. Waaaaah!

BTW cmonkey, your jack-russel-licking-jam question was the only one I posted to Yahoo that was deleted before I got tired of the whole thing. You win the internets!!11

Naked Zelda Chick, will you marry me and let me play with your SNES? KTHXBI!
weretable, I must confess to plagiarizing it from a Something Awful Weekend Web forum post they found.
posted by cmonkey 19 June | 12:33
Wait, someone who posted a question about complying with US tax regulations is accusing everyone else of mindless conformity to the system?
posted by occhiblu 19 June | 12:34
Why can I not find the Naked Zelda Chick, this is upsetting me!
posted by fenriq 19 June | 12:38
≡ Click to see image ≡

≡ Click to see image ≡

Oh sorry, wrong thread.
posted by puke & cry 19 June | 12:38
I just dug out my cd-r of animated gifs. By god the next time a thread like that pops up, I am ready.
Can someone explain to me why bigmusic was compelled to post an entire script from a play in the thread? It really annoyed the hell out of me. And yes, I did write him an email about it.

Maybe that was the point.

weretable, you just ascended to Godhood! Oh my, I'm quite glad I got to see that! Yeah, baby! Wierd that it didn't load up for me before because I do remember the treadmill gif below it.
posted by fenriq 19 June | 12:52
He was looking at me.

≡ Click to see image ≡

Now he's looking at you.
posted by grabbingsand 19 June | 13:02
Yeah, the gifs are fine but I can't handle all that text.
posted by puke & cry 19 June | 13:08
The (MeCha) FPP is spot on: This is why I love MeFi.
posted by Doohickie 19 June | 13:31
I thought it was a poor troll and I can't believe everyone jumped on it. I love good snark and animated gifs but only when it is truly called for.

(OMG I might get called out peeing on everyone's parade now!)
posted by sveskemus 19 June | 13:35
Did NO ONE photoshop a "MetaFilter: Communist Weblog" icon? I'd do it but I'm at work.
posted by shane 19 June | 14:29
Well, all I have is MS Paint here at work, but here it is:

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by shane 19 June | 14:35

Those "play-length" posts are the reason Matt gave us navigation keys. Nothing like a quick '.' to skip past all that nonsense. Well, classic nonsense.
posted by graventy 19 June | 14:48

I love emails too. If I find a play appropriate for every post will you email me each time I do it?

I love emails from real people =)
posted by bigmusic 19 June | 14:54
bigmusic, this one's for you:

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posted by sveskemus 19 June | 15:55
oh man, I forgot about those nav keys.
posted by puke & cry 19 June | 16:16

The thing with posting a full script from a play is that no one will read it. All people will do is skip ahead. Its a waste of space and time. Sure, its arguable that the thread was DOA but people actually look at gif's, they actually look at pictures but I don't think anyone actually sat and read through the entire play, or even the first paragraph.

If your point is to post something poignant then you'd be far better served by posting a relevant excerpt that applies to the FPP at hand. But if your point is to just fill up space with words and space (since the formatting was set to quadruple space) then you're on the right track. But the right track in this case is really annoying. And no, I won't email you but I will continue to flag them as noise.

graventy, wait a second, I can press one button and skip an entire comment? When did this happen? I must have worn out three keyboards trying to get through some of EB's more, um, verbose responses. I need to find out more about this key nav system!
posted by fenriq 19 June | 16:23
Am I the only MetaFilter affiliated person who thinks that risk's entire "War on MetaFilter" (including his comments downthread) was nothing more than a fairly successful stunt to bring attention to his faux-opinionated blog? And he has been laughing his 26-year-old ass off at our incredible ability to be manipulated by a third-rate trolling?

And if people are going to be banned for self-linking, why does Matt leave the offending self-link in the deleted (but still accessible) post? Does not the offender still get some good Google love from the MeFi link?
posted by wendell 19 June | 16:54
Yeah posting those plays was friggin' annoying.

That said, since this website 'declared war' on us, don't we have every right to mess with them back?
posted by delmoi 19 June | 17:50
You're not the only one, wendell. And I think mathowie did something so any clicking through doesn't register (I could be wrong) with search engines.
posted by deborah 19 June | 19:24
Yep, he confirmed that in the MeTa thread...
posted by wendell 19 June | 21:11
wendell, as I wrote above I too think it was a pretty poor trolling attempt that turned out to be incredibly successful.
posted by sveskemus 20 June | 03:23
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