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30 May 2006

Damn, damn, DAMN! [More:]Just talked to my wife. Classes at the charter school where she's taught for the last year just let out and the teachers went in to clean out their classrooms and stuff. When they got there, they got the word that the evil arch-fiend CEO of the company that runs the charter school is cutting back programs at the school, firing several teachers, etc. He's also gone back on a promise to pay for my wife's Gifted & Talented and Advanced Placement training this summer.

My wife has loved the last year she's spent there and loved getting to know the kids. The fly in the ointment has always been the evil arch-fiend. Based on today's announcement, she doesn't feel like she can work there anymore. But she hasn't been out looking for a job, either, so she may have no choice (unless she wants the uncertainty of substituting).

Why do sucky people rule the world?
Why do sucky people rule the world?

Because ambition (financial or political) tends to either attract evil people or bring out the worst in people.

Bummer, though, man.
posted by jonmc 30 May | 13:22
It has been my long-held opinion that people who are in management positions are usually the last people with the genuine qualifications for leading other people to do anything.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 30 May | 13:34
It's called the Peter Principle. And no, it doesn't have anything to do with Penis.
posted by matildaben 30 May | 14:00
Oh, I know all that. It still sucks though.

I mean, she found a job where she made a difference, a real difference, to a lot of kids. But with the changes, it will be like trying to fight with one hand tied behind her back.

I realize that she will probably make a difference wherever she lands. She kind of agonized over the decision of whether to stay or go, with the only downside to staying being the evil arch-fiend. The changes, I think, are the last straw for Mrs. Doohickie; she just can't put up with him anymore.
posted by Doohickie 30 May | 14:22
Ugh. There's always the ask forgiveness not permission approach.
posted by chewatadistance 30 May | 14:26
Huh? Not following your point.

Anyway, several teachers were let go today. My wife hasn't been, but she feels that her position will not be there come August. She is so disgusted with the gutting of the school (no more athletics, drama, foreign languages, advanced classes, etc.) So even if she has a job, the school no longer has anything to offer prospective students. The 15 members of the basketball team are gone for sure (in a school of about 200 students).

The good time she and I had at the school's prom seems so empty now.

So now she's updating her resume, applying online, etc.
posted by Doohickie 30 May | 17:49
Because ambition (financial or political) tends to either attract evil people or bring out the worst in people.

I agree.

I am sorry to hear that this is happening in your wife's school, Doohickie.
posted by halonine 30 May | 19:24
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