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25 May 2006

Fluffertrax. Streaming soundtracks from porn films! Kind of fun. If you click to listen, the popup window will ask you to download a player, but you can just choose to use your own player.
Soundtracks, music? Or soundtracks, all the sounds?
posted by Hugh Janus 25 May | 10:59
Music. So far I've only heard music.
posted by taz 25 May | 11:00
They've won a "Mikey". I didn't even know there was a Mikey.
posted by taz 25 May | 11:03
I have always thought that porn (it's been awhile since I have actually seen any other than, um, online) would have more impact with better, more edgy music, either louder, or mysterious. ..really, any thoughtful thing rather than that light jazz they seem to play in the back ground.
posted by danf 25 May | 11:23
Well, I wouldn't have a clue what *shudder* porn music sounds like. I imagine it's degrading just to listen to!

*enters huff, leaves in it*
posted by Hugh Janus 25 May | 11:29
Hey baby, I do not watch porn for the music. You are spoiling it for me now... gosh! Trying to find artistic and melodious merits in porn. And missing the story? heh!
posted by carmina 25 May | 11:40
I had a co-worker who used to play the soundtrack to some German schulmädchen porn film. It was actually the perfect background music for work.
posted by occhiblu 25 May | 11:47
Yeah, there are some Gerd Wilden reissues that are pretty good, upbeat loungy stuff; I can't imagine the flicks being all that exciting from listening to the soundtracks, though.
posted by Hugh Janus 25 May | 11:51
wokka-chicka-wokka-chicka-wokka-chicks bow-chika-wow-wow.
posted by Capn 25 May | 11:59
But carmina, would not the arousal, the, um, whole experience, be enhanced by more interesting music?

And, can't we talk about the relationship a little?
posted by danf 25 May | 11:59
danf, hopefully, if the experience is enhanced, audiovisual effects subside.

can't we talk about the relationship a little long as it is not ours. standard response.
posted by carmina 25 May | 13:35
A friend of mine who is a DJ specialises in porn movie soundtracks. He has some amazing picture discs.
posted by dodgygeezer 25 May | 14:10
carmina: long as it is not ours. standard response.

OK I'll be pips and you be jonmc. . . .just this once? No really, it'll be hawt!
posted by danf 25 May | 15:46
danf, you are hawt, alright. But, sadly, I am off hawt things. They tend to give me a broken tooth.
posted by carmina 25 May | 16:13
Wakka Chikka. Free and, IMO, well worth the download.
posted by Five Fresh Fish 25 May | 21:51
We need a keynote speaker! || I got Season 3 of Samurai Jack yesterday