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03 April 2006

Major Vegas Meetup wiki update! Now with a table! And color coding! That's right, COLOR-FUCKING-CODING.[More:] I reformatted the attendee section of the Vegas wiki page. I don't know if it's better or easier to use/read than it was before, but it does make a standardized format for everyone to begin putting in their planned dates of arrival and departure. Please check the page to ensure I didn't misrepresent you during my copious and haphazard cutting and pasting, and also add any other info you may have at this admittedly early date.
Oh, I forgot. If I couldn't figure out from your comment whether you were bunking up with the bunnies, I put a '?' in that column. Go ahead and leave it if you're not sure at this time.
posted by mike9322 03 April | 13:35
Hmmm, don't you think it's a better idea to group everyone by which group they're in (Definite, Maybe, Long Shot)?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 April | 13:39
Someone sure has a lot of energy today....
posted by matildaben 03 April | 13:40
(Considering they got home after 2:30 a.m.......)
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 April | 13:41
OMG, I *kiss* you! It looks just like I hoped it would.

I feel like a mommy who just gave birth! My baby's all growed up!
posted by TrishaLynn 03 April | 13:42
Hmmm...what could cause a man to stay up until the wee hours, yet leave him obviously invigorated???
posted by jrossi4r 03 April | 13:43
Mike, wouldn't you rather see Zumanity than O?
posted by agropyron 03 April | 13:44
::hates to be the bad guy:: Is the wiki now so complicated that people will be scared to update it themselves?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 April | 13:44
(Zumanity's the erotic dancing one. O is the water splashing one.)

PinkSuper: I had the same thought.
posted by agropyron 03 April | 13:45
That's why the color-coding, TPS. I decided maintaining three tables instead of just one would be better. Besides, as the date approaches, the list will converge into all definites anyway, and the non-attendees will drop off.

Hmm, on preview, maybe I'll just re-sort the table. That way, one table still, but ordered by possibility. Yeah, I think I'll do that.

Everyone I know who has seen O has told me that it was the most amazing show they've ever been to and that they'd happily pay for another $100+ ticket to see it again. "If you only see one show in Vegas, see O", kinda thing.

And I have NO IDEA what you guys are insinuating. I am a gentleman.
posted by mike9322 03 April | 13:50
Um, maintaining one table instead of three... maybe I'm tireder than you guys think.
posted by mike9322 03 April | 13:51
I'm planning on making it a week's holiday. A friend from Ohio also has time off and wants to see Vegas so I'll combine the meetup with a visit with her. We both want to see Barry Manilow. (I know, I know, but I can't help myself ...)

Is the wiki now so complicated that people will be scared to update it themselves?

Yes. I nearly peed my pants in terror looking at all that coding.

Someone put my dates in, please. I'll probably do 20-27 September, make my own arrangements and see you guys there.
posted by essexjan 03 April | 13:54
posted by mike9322 03 April | 13:56
And, yes, I *hate* wikiscript, or whatever it's called. HTML is way easier, and I don't know why the wiki people felt the need to make people learn ANOTHER markup.

I am torn. I can certainly put it back the way it was. But look how happy TrishaLynn is. I would also certainly be happy to help anyone update their entry - just send me an email. essexjan, would you like me to upgrade you to "Possible" or "Definite"?
posted by mike9322 03 April | 14:03
I'll start looking to go Thursday to Sunday.

If I can get Ted to go...we will find other accommodation. (He has never been. I've given much too much money to Sin City).

posted by Lola_G 03 April | 14:05
Hmmm, I hate to say it... but I liked it the way it was before better. Easy for people to update themselves without fear of breaking things. Right now it's better organized, but will people be able to move themselves from one category to another? Could you change the listing back, but keep the color?

You gentleman, you.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 April | 14:05
Maybe TrishaLynn and ThePinkSuperhero should mud-wrestle to determine which style the wiki entry uses?
posted by agropyron 03 April | 14:08
Maybe you can go roll around in the mud and we'll throw slop at ya, ya PIG.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 April | 14:08
Hey, I'm all in favor of making things easier for people, so I say keep the color coding, but put in a categories template so people can update as their situation changes? Like:

Name: TrishaLynn
Status: Definite (in green!)
Hotel: Staying with the bunnies
Dates: 9/21-9/25
Comment: Is this a better format?

Of course, I'll be keeping a separate spreadsheet at home for my own bookkeeping purposes.

But you did an excellent job on the table, mike9322 *snoggles madly*
posted by TrishaLynn 03 April | 14:09
Ya, that's probably better.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 April | 14:11
Ok, I tried to update myself and got my chocolate all up in scody's peanut butter or something. So I'd like it easier, I guess. (I suck. I'm sorry.)
posted by rainbaby 03 April | 14:13
I'm going leave this thread open for comments, and I'll update the wiki to whatever I decide is the consensus tomorrow morning. Let me know what you like - how important is readability vs. editability? Do you have other suggestions like TL's above? Does anyone else care about this as much as me and TL? All feedback welcome!
posted by mike9322 03 April | 14:14
mmmmmmmm, chocolate and peanut butter..........
posted by mike9322 03 April | 14:14
I think editability is very important, and I don't think editability and readability are mutually exclusive. The old way was readable and editable.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 April | 14:15
For the record, it was all TrishaLynn's idea. I tried to fight her every step of the way, but she threatened me. As most of you know, you cannot resist a threat from TL.
posted by mike9322 03 April | 14:16
Flexible editing - there will be more edits going forward, not less, I'm guessing. With more specific information. When where hows will come into it as it gets closer.

ps thanks for everything mike and trishalynn, I totally plan on going, but it's still six months out.
posted by rainbaby 03 April | 14:20
Oh, you are getting such a spanking, mike. Such a spanking.

You mean a threat like that?
posted by TrishaLynn 03 April | 14:21
*is futile to resist*
posted by mike9322 03 April | 14:28
Another vote for the old, simple way.
posted by agropyron 03 April | 14:32
Tell you what, I might be able to sort out a nice compromise
posted by dodgygeezer 03 April | 14:35

Seriously, show off your mad wiki skillz.
posted by mike9322 03 April | 14:36
OK, I won't get to finish transfering them all but the first eight records should show you how it works. Someone get stuck in and finish it off.

BTW, It's possible to add the links to user pages but I think that it's just unneccessary clutter so I left those out.

I hope this helps...
posted by dodgygeezer 03 April | 16:24
Holy crap, dodgy, that is remarkable. Thank you so much. Wiki code can be easy to edit.

Everybody else, check it out. Acceptable? I will finish updating the rest of the bunnies in the morning.
posted by mike9322 03 April | 16:37
I like it, and I think even I would be able to edit that.

*wuffles dodgy madly*
posted by TrishaLynn 03 April | 21:34
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