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26 March 2006

Vegas Mega-Meetup BUMP! Please visit this thread if you have any interest in a national meetup in Vegas in September.[More:]

Okay, the plan is starting to come together. I geeked out and created a little Excel spreadsheet mapping out everyone's responses to the original Vegas interest thread. The consensus from the original repliers (me, amberglow, matildaben, agropyron, trishalynn, triode, rainbaby, thepinksuperhero, mudpuppie, and youcancallmeal) turned out to be any of the last three weeks of September. Additionally, mullacc, me3dia, postmodernmillie, and loquacious expressed some interest in agro's thread earlier today.

I'm going to propose the weekend of September 23, since TrishaLynn is providing our housing and that is very close to her birthday. (PARTY.) Now, TL will need to chime in in this thread and give us some additional info on the timeshare - 1) how many people can the rooms comfortably accommodate, and 2) can we get more than one room? We've had 14 people show interest so far, and a single 2 bedroom suite probably won't cut it if we all show up. Two suites, on the other hand, we could probably work. As I said in the previous thread, the cost is $110/night on Friday and Saturday and a little cheaper on the other days. I expect it would be a come and go whichever days you can be there (I usually visit Vegas Saturday-Tuesday), but it would be awesome if everyone who is coming can be there on both Saturday and Sunday.

So. That's my proposal. With the understanding that this is all very preliminary and subject to change, please comment in this thread with a yea or a nay.

I, for one, am pumped. :)
i would be totally in if i knew the total cost minimum.
posted by ethylene 26 March | 19:47
eth, cost will depend on how many people come and how many rooms we get. I don't expect lodging cost to be significant, since the rooms are inexpensive and will probably be split between 4-8 ways.

The bulk of your expense will likely come from airfare and food (though it's pretty easy to eat cheap - if not well - in Vegas).
posted by mike9322 26 March | 19:51
Color me intrigued. And noncommital... I'm beginning a job in September, and I'm not sure what my money or time situation will be then. Plus, I really do need to deal with my shiny new(ish) flying phobia, although this could be just the motivation to get me moving on that.
posted by amro 26 March | 20:07
Count me in as a yay, barring academic or financial catastrophe.
posted by YouCanCallMeAl 26 March | 20:13
I might very well come out to Vegas that weekend (easy jaunt from L.A.!), but would likely make alternate housing arrangements -- I have a cousin there who's offered to host me anytime I'm in town, plus if the boyfriend's in tow we might want a little place of our own. So count me tentatively in as a general participant, but not towards the body count for the rooms/suites.
posted by scody 26 March | 20:18
someone drop me a line when we get committal or close to committal enough for me to make a difference.
color me committable.
apparently, many already have.
(been searching myself in the less metaphysical sense)
posted by ethylene 26 March | 20:21
I'm committable but not committed as well. I do have other travel plans for this year so it will depend on financial situation as well as a few other things.
posted by matildaben 26 March | 23:44
This sounds fun. I have a wedding to go to in September though, and if it doesn't turn out to be the same weekend I would like to go if I have the money.
posted by halonine 26 March | 23:47
i did promise that i might vegas wedding someone

sponsorship, i say
free makeover and whale package

someone call the palms
posted by ethylene 26 March | 23:53
we want global
posted by ethylene 27 March | 01:53
Dude! We've been front-paged:

≡ Click to see image ≡

Thanks taz and/or dodgy. I fear that I posted the bump at a low-traffic time, however. I'll have to bump again.

I'll also be creating a wiki page to track these threads.
posted by mike9322 27 March | 08:32
posted by mike9322 27 March | 08:49
What scody says goes for me, too. I'm interested, but wouldn't stay with the group lodging. I've got a friend out there, or I might bring a travel buddy, or something.
posted by rainbaby 27 March | 08:55
I'm in. Hook, crook, hell or high water.
posted by warbaby 27 March | 10:19
I'm interested, but the flights are looking like silly money for me. But if I did go, I'd travel/stay independently so will give it some thought and see if it's do-able.

posted by essexjan 27 March | 13:31
I've adding my and saf's names to the wiki, since we live here. If there's anything that as a local I can help with just let me know.
posted by krix 27 March | 15:05
Added myself to the wiki.
posted by deborah 27 March | 18:54
Oh, Iím gonna give it everything Iíve got.
Lady luckís with me, the dice stay hot.
Got coke up my nose to dry away the snot.
posted by scarabic 29 March | 00:29
I'm thinking it over. If sharing a ride/gas $ with other NW mechas can be figured out, and if I don't have to take too much time off work (1 day is ideal) I'd be tentatively in. I'm not very well financed at the moment, so sharing a room sounds great. I don't mind using a sleeping bag. Fuck it, I've got a hammock in the trunk of my car!
posted by pieisexactlythree 29 March | 11:39
For those in the United States, check out SouthWest and JetBlue for cheap flights.

And if you're from the US and interested in sleeping seperately, look at package pricing. Airfare+Hotel to Vegas is often heavily discounted, compared to buying seperate.
posted by I Love Tacos 29 March | 20:45
hagstrom swede. || DO IT DO IT YEAH