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15 March 2006

Vegas Mega-Meetup The drumming-up-interest thread.[More:]
First, it does look as if I'll be in Vegas in April. krix, and anyone else who is around, we'll have to block out some time to meet!

Now. In the past we have discussed arranging a mega-meetup, and Vegas seems to be a (mostly) consensus destination. I'm taking it upon myself to organize. I don't expect a massive turnout because it will involve travel for everyone, but I'm hoping that, with enough advance notice, we can get a nice group.

The lovely and gracious TrishaLynn has offered up her parents' timeshare. The place (Jockey Club) is right next to the Bellagio and the rooms are basically little apartments. And dirt cheap! The price ranges from $60/night (1 bedroom weekday) to $110 (2 bedroom weekend). Divided between everyone who attends, and assuming everyone stays together, our lodging will be negligible (especially for Vegas).

Now, the point of this thread is to try (ha) to see 1) who's interested and 2) if we can possibly come to an agreement on dates. Right now I am thinking late summer/early fall. August or September work for me but I am fairly flexible.

If you have any interest at all, please reply, give a range of dates that would work for you, and an estimate of your committment level. For example, I'm "August or September, 95% committed". I'll do my darnedest to compile everyone's responses. I'll also bump this several times over the next few weeks to make sure everyone who reads the site at different times has a chance to see.

I don't really visit *.mefi anymore (and I didn't post when I did anyway) but once we have a basic idea of the timeframe, I wouldn't be opposed to a regular over there opening up the invitation.
posted by mike9322 15 March | 12:19
25% committed, time flexible. Vegas itself doesn't appeal, but I'd go to hang out with youse bunniez.
posted by matildaben 15 March | 12:28
60% committed for sometime either during 8/15-25 or for a long weekend sometime in Sept (a thurs night-sun night thing), but if we could pick a week when there aren't conventions it would be even cheaper.

I love Vegas--it's so absurd (and the last time i was there, they were only just building Paris and Bellagio so there's tons of new places to see)
posted by amberglow 15 March | 12:37
56% committed. August or September sound like good times.
posted by agropyron 15 March | 12:37
I'm going to be in Vegas the week of April 16th through the 21st.
posted by mr_crash_davis 15 March | 12:37
Oh, and anyone who goes to Vegas in August is clearly insane.
posted by mr_crash_davis 15 March | 12:38
why? the dry heat is very preserving--mummifying even ; >
posted by amberglow 15 March | 12:41
I would love to meet up in Vegas, but I really don't think it's in the cards for richat...Sorry bunnies. Too many home improvements this year!
posted by richat 15 March | 12:45
I could probably afford to buy a round trip ticket to Vegas, but that would be it. No gambling or eating for sciurus.
posted by sciurus 15 March | 12:48
Just pack some nuts into your cheeks sciurus.
posted by richat 15 March | 13:04
Any weekend in September, 80% committed. It would be even super cooler if we did it the weekend of the 23rd because that'll be 3 days after my 29th birthday and it would be fun to celebrate that with new friends.
posted by TrishaLynn 15 March | 13:05
I'm no buttcheeked nutsmuggler!
posted by sciurus 15 March | 13:06
I'm almost certainly out *cries*

An exception may be made for early September (it would be a birthday present :) )
posted by gaspode 15 March | 13:09
Hu. I've got a girlfriend in Vegas. Keep me posted.
posted by rainbaby 15 March | 13:18
Erm, 80% committed. September better than August, August 18-20 and Labor Day wknd are out, but Aug 25-27 would be perfect.

posted by Triode 15 March | 13:19
Anybody got advice on how I could my wife this would be a good idea?
posted by danostuporstar 15 March | 13:27
I can already tell this is going to be fun to nail down. Keep 'em coming, guys.

And, damn, crash, I'm arriving the day after you leave in April.
posted by mike9322 15 March | 13:29
Oh, I forgot to mention that Randall is paying.
posted by mike9322 15 March | 13:35
Also, September vote.
posted by rainbaby 15 March | 13:39
Let's crash Krix's wedding!!!
posted by warbaby 15 March | 13:45
Little known fact: I once sang in a wedding in Vegas. September, but only 50% committed.
posted by eamondaly 15 March | 13:53
eamon, was the singing planned, or were you Token Drunk Guy?

I've just come up with another idea for while we're there - let's all pair up and get married! Dibs on specklet!
posted by mike9322 15 March | 13:58
Wait, Randall would be paying for the hotel rooms? Hot diggity!
posted by TrishaLynn 15 March | 14:11
And overseas airfare? I love that guy! Teasing, mystery-randall! Teasing!
posted by taz 15 March | 14:18
If we're getting married, it'll have to be in Utah. I have way too many crushes.
posted by Eideteker 15 March | 14:19
Planned. "Sunrise, Sunset" and "A Whole New World", for the record.
posted by eamondaly 15 March | 14:21
Anytime this spring or summer is out of the cards for me. Maybe in the fall, though.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 15 March | 14:40
Name a date, I'll try to be there.

Oh, and for you Chicago folks who don't know, you can get $99 tickets to Vegas on Hooters Air from the Gary Airport. Seriously.
posted by mudpuppie 15 March | 15:00
I'd love to do a MeCha meetup, but I'm allergic to Vegas.

[I'm thinking Asheville, myself...]
posted by chewatadistance 15 March | 15:15
I'd do Asheville, maybe.
posted by danostuporstar 15 March | 15:17
I'm doing both!
posted by mike9322 15 March | 15:21
We could do regionals! Like at the same time! Or not!
posted by rainbaby 15 March | 15:26
Hmmm, well Mrs Geezer isn't keen on the idea. Since she doesn't know you guys from a hole in the ground I can't say I blame her.

Have fun guys.
posted by dodgygeezer 15 March | 15:28
asheville, NC? I'm only 5 hours away. or some other asheville?
can't commit to anything further like vegas until my job situation settles down.

posted by wens 15 March | 16:03
*grabs wens, takes him/her around to meet each and everyone else, wens finds that we're not too freaky--just the right amount of freaky--and is happy*
posted by amberglow 15 March | 16:13
We'll definitely get together in April, Mike. You may even get to check out my band. We may be getting a gig at a club right on the strip on Wed. the 26th.
Drop me an email (in profile) and I'll give you my #.

Where are you staying mr_crash_davis? I may be able to get my guy and myself out for a drink one of those nights, except 17/18 as I'll be in CA.

Anyone that spends the $$$$ on a Vegas for New Year's trip actually could crash the wedding. If I knew where we were having it yet! ack!
posted by krix 15 March | 16:22
Vegas - 75% yes if it's later than September 15th. I need time to recover from driving across the country.

Asheville- I'll be driving from Baltimore to Dallas in May and back in August this summer. I'd planned on asking Mechas if they wanted to meet up along the way anyway...
posted by YouCanCallMeAl 15 March | 19:21
"Where are you staying mr_crash_davis?"

Marriott on Convention Blvd., most likely. Or facedown in a gutter, depending.
posted by mr_crash_davis 15 March | 20:11
Gahds, I would love to go to Asheville. The Blue Ridge Mountains in the fall would be a slice of heaven.
posted by taz 16 March | 03:41
September is very good for me.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 16 March | 19:41
BoringPostcards and I are planning a meetup with the Asheville folks sometime this fall.
posted by matildaben 16 March | 20:33
If there's an Asheville meetup that doesn't conflict with other travel plans, I might very well be there.
posted by cmonkey 27 March | 01:56
It's the Happy Helmet Ren--Now you'll always be happy! || radio weretable strikes back