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Matildaben lives in Seattle. Her real name is not Matilda. It is also not Ben. She does answer to Bean, Beanie, Old Bean, Mats, Tilda, or ~ (but not Mattie, which was the nickname of the original Matilda). She is widely respected for her MeCha DJ talents, her ability to mix a martini with a thin layer of ice on top, her mystique (especially her mystique!), her willingness to apologize after derailing your AskMeta thread, and for having a prodigious booty. There is widespread speculation on her willingness to shake it. (Her Booty™ was not available for comment.) She also makes great mix CD's for the Black People Who Love jonmc to dance to. She takes no responsibility for Lipstick Thespian joining Metachat, but she hopes he will do a radio set someday.

While unable to comment on Matildaben's shakeabootability with any degree of verisimilitude, a random Metachat user felt impelled to note: she makes merry my earballs. she's my dj of choice. Another random Metachatter felt impelled to note: Earballs are icky! And yet another less random Metachatter felt the odd desire to add: "Yes, I lurve bean".