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Halonine is speaking about herself in the third person.
Halonine is editing her Wiki user page.
Halonine blogs a lot.
Halonine keeps a home page.
Nothing you know about halonine has relation to truth.
Your knowledge of halonine is merely
emergent discourse embedded in the ongoing play
of language games which constitutes
human interaction. Snap! =)

MetaFilter and MetaChat Bookmarks

(This section is in reverse chronological order.)

  • One from Salon about commenting [1]
  • July 10 on IRC: "<trondant> #bunnies: the dog door of the Internet"
  • Great MeCha comment about pretentious people [2]
  • AskMe about math as opposed to programming [3]
  • AskMe about mean bosses [4]
  • Languagehat quip [5]
  • Ceiling cat gets a home page [6]
  • MeFi doubles reach [7]
  • SCIENCE! flameout [8]
  • Parodies
  • Two cool comments
  • Extra names for the Internet, plus a MeFi tagline names
  • "Metafilter: the moon is about 250000/93000000 the diameter of the sun." [9]
  • This was a little morbid.
  • This was funny. The thread really is horrible, but it has two funny pictures

Interesting things I saw on MetaFilter and MetaChat, starting... today! (March 22, 2006)