Bunny on a Hillside

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The genesis of the "big pink bunny on a hillside," and its like variations, started with this wee story of "the 200-foot-long toy rabbit... on the side of the 5,000 foot high Colletto Fava mountain in northern Italy's Piedmont region" designed by the Viennese art group Gelatin.

Within the first day of hitting the worldwide news wire, the story was reposted on Metachat no less than three times, and several times since, both unwittingly and with wit.

While none of the users have claimed any affiliation with Gelatin or the bunny itself, it has become symbolic of all bunnies who may or may not be lounging on hillsides, that may or may not be in Italy, and all things that may or may not be living in it.

Most recent intelligence to date on the the state of the bunny is that it has begun to ooze.

Metachat user ethylene created a tasty confection resembling the bunny on a hillside. See this thread for more details.

pieisexactlythree has been known post the image as a gentle reminder that a thread is a double post.