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"ethylene often disappears for extended periods of time, but people are very happy when she returns."

The statement above is yet another mystery to the user. Perhaps the viewer may like to query this user gaspode

To quote another: "--she's got the sugar that melts, drips, and burns."

"An enigma? One suggests so. Funny? I dunno, read the following:--

'--well shamalama ding dong dingle if i'm not rather ashamed of you hopped up bunnies for running to any old picture when someone screams penis in a crowded theatre.'"

Many geologists and scholars believe that the famous Greek Oracle at Delphi (the Pythia) went into her trance-like state as an affect of ethylene rising from ground faults.

ethylene, referred to at times with the simple, singly syllabic "eth", as left the above text intact because it is the work of other users. She is currently experiencing a brain cloud.