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11 October 2022

Cats I tells ya. I have three cats that love to snuggle up to me while I sleep. [More:]It's nice but it can also be a bit much. It can get pretty warm. Nora Lou Who is the smallest but she is an absolute furnace.

In an attempt to modify things a bit I bought a 26 by 14 inch 6 watt cat pad. I put it out on the bed hoping it would attract some attention and give me a bit more space.

It is the third day the pad has been on the bed and all three of them still look at it like "what satanic witchcraft is this?!"

I hope one of them will try it soon.
Rudi is the total opposite. I have a mini-electric blanket, 2ft x 1ft, 75W, that I use to warm the bed up. I put it near the top end of the bed with my PJs on it for ten minutes or so, then when I get into bed, I move it to the other end, so I can sit on the warm part while I read, and heat up the bit where my feet are going to go when I lie down. Before the light goes off, I turn off the pad and stash it next to the bed.

Rudi likes to sit on the part of the bed where the heat is coming through, and he moves to the end of the bed when I put the pad down there. But he will not come near me or let me touch him, other than to give him the 8 treats he has every night before the light goes out. He'll sometimes curl up on the furthest part of the bed from me, but usually for no more than a few minutes, then he's off and out the door to his bed on the sofa.

I would love more than anything for him to curl up with me.
posted by Senyar 12 October | 16:04
I have five cats (they all have a story). Two or three would love to sleep with me, (maybe four). I've tried it. Nope. Not one will stay still all night. (I miss the cats that would). They'll start off fine, but next thing I know they're walking on me, making muffins on my face, trying to get under the covers, coming out of the covers, back under the covers... It's exhausting. I'm a person who really craves her sleep! So, the cats are not allowed in my room when I'm sleeping.
posted by redvixen 13 October | 15:28
I cheated. Opened the cover to the pad and slipped in a bit of catnip. Casper has a nose for catnip like no other cat. He found it quickly and started kneading and rubbing all over the pad. Of course, the other two had to check out what Casper was doing.

Last night was great. Nora was on the pad and Casper was partly on but stretched out to touch me. Possum was still on my feet/legs but he is easy to slide around so it's not bad. I had a much better sleep.

(Rudi try to be a least a little cuddly)
posted by arse_hat 13 October | 17:13
Yay for catnip and the magic thereof. I'm surprised your cats hadn't tried the pad out before..if it were freshly washed laundry they probably would have been all over it!
posted by redvixen 14 October | 18:14
redvixen, yup, if I wanted to wear it one of them would have been on it in a moment.
posted by arse_hat 14 October | 22:27
Another new thing(s). I went to one of those Amazon returns bin stores. Got 2 floor to ceiling cat trees for $40. As soon as I got the boxes in the house Casper had to be involved and he was on them before they were fully assembled.

The other 2 see him on them and now they are working up the nerve to try them. I put one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Casper has found that when I go into the LR he can go up to the third level and now instead of just head bonking my shins, knees, and hands, he can do a head-to-head bonk.
posted by arse_hat 17 October | 15:21
Such good cat people you all are!
posted by mightshould 18 October | 11:25
Where is everyone 3-point update || Those of you