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07 December 2021

You. You OK? So we are coming up on two years of pandemic life. How are you these days?
Not bad. Things could be better, but then at least I'm alive so that's a plus. They say we might be in for another strain of this thing so the end might still not be in sight, but like everybody else I don't have a choice than to hang in there.

Hope all of you guys are still playing it safe and masking up. Social distancing is almost impossible here so am trying to do the best I can.

Here's wishing us all the best. (:
posted by hadjiboy 07 December | 11:55
I'm okay. I get my booster jab tomorrow morning, which I'm very glad about. The UK seems to be way behind much of the rest of the world in rolling out the booster.

I have to go into the office next week for the first time since March 2020. I'm not looking forward to it. I have a PPP3 mask to wear, as I have to travel on the Tube. Although I intend to go in early, it'll still be busier than I'm comfortable with. I also intend to stay masked in the office, because I don't know who amongst my co-workers is vaccinated, and we're not allowed to ask, or volunteer our own status. This is a pointless exercise, btw, it's only because management has decreed we have to go in one day per month. I will get no actual work done, so it means I'll have one day less that week to meet my casework target.

The longer this goes on, the less I want to interact with people, other than a select few.

posted by Senyar 07 December | 13:14
Here is about the same as you guys. It's OK. We mask and avoid indoor spaces as much as possible. My wife got her third shot a few months ago and I'm ready in a couple of weeks.

The isolation hasn't been that bad for us. We are both capable of keeping to ourselves.

But, today we are both sick. My wife tested neg for Covid yesterday so it's not that but it the first time we have had anything in about 3 years. Blah...

The biggest negative for me is the general anger I feel for the bunch of wankers bitching about vaccines and masks and capacity rules. They are a small minority but because outrage -> clicks -> money, media and social media companies inflate their bullshit and allow them air. I am beyond caring about reaching out or trying to change minds.

I am fascinated watching supply chain breakdowns and employers bitching about the fact that a few people are getting the chance to say I don't want to be exploited by your shitty company for non livable wages.
posted by arse_hat 07 December | 14:29
And wow. Friend died (expected but had hoped it would be next year) and a grade school friend of my son's died (freak rail accident).
posted by arse_hat 07 December | 18:47
No, not okay. I forget what okay looks like. Two years ago, just before covid, my adored mom died. Then covid hit and the schools shut down, and so began a hellish 18 months of remote teaching and isolation and fear. I learned what panic attacks were (man, they suck). Brief period of hope with the vaccine last spring, then Delta, now fucking Omicron. Just got the booster a few weeks ago and it may not be enough for someone high risk like me. Retired early from teaching. Had to. Could barely walk. Couldn't risk Delta. Missed out on a lot of pension money. In the spring, my brother was diagnosed with brain cancer. He passed away a few weeks ago. I couldn't make it to the funeral. I'm worn out by grief and exhaustion. It's hard for me just to shower, brush my teeth. I'm grateful for Jon, who's been going through it all with me, along with his own trials (he's been more isolated because of the risk to me). Everyone else mostly seems to avoid me. I don't hear from anyone at my former job, I don't hear from family. The world seems to be moving on, but I feel stuck. I sleep a lot, eat, watch a lot of TV (did you know there were 28 Marvel movies?). The plan's to get myself together, write those books I've been wanting to write for so long, maybe move down to Florida with Jon, buy a little place of our own, get away from these nyc rents. I know many have had things worse. I try to be grateful, but it's hard sometimes. Perhaps 2022-- I don't even dare say it. Don't want to jinx it. Nice to see y'all. Too bad so few are around anymore. Nice while it lasted. Wish you all well--
posted by Pips 07 December | 23:07
The news today is that we are heading back towards lockdown, with everyone working from home from Monday so - yay - no tirp into the office next week.

I've been invited to spend Christmas with two friends at their isolated cottage in the countryside, and close to the beach. We are all vaccinated and boosted, and have all been very careful about the level of contact we've had with people. I hope things here don't get so bad that we are locked down at Christmas again. My Christmas plans are as low risk as I can get, driving down, to a very isolated area, to two people who've been as careful as I.

Last year, BoJo said Christmas was 'on', despite the country being locked down, but two days before Christmas, after people had bought all their Christmas food ready for all their family to arrive - or else hadn't bought any Christmas food because they thought they were going to stay with family - BoJo finally listened to the scientists and we were all locked down over Christmas. The way things are going here, I can see that happening again.

posted by Senyar 08 December | 16:35
Working the supermarket industry, at first we were thanked for being there, now it's business as usual, actually worse - people are so nasty these days.

My guy and I both had COVID last December; luckily we had mild symptoms, though I lost my sense of taste and smell. It took months for my smelling ability to come back. I am fully vaccinated, and had my booster shot a few weeks ago.

Speaking of my guy - we met online in August of The Year Which Must Not Be Named, and we've been together ever since. He's the best person for me and I am ridiculously happy.

I've taken steps back from other social media sites; I've "unfollowed" friends (it may seem juvenile, but I just can't stand those who mock this virus/those who still support the previous US president/those who mock those of us who DO take this virus seriously. I need my peace of mind more than memes from people I rarely see in person.
posted by redvixen 08 December | 19:22
pips, redvixen, so happy to be seeing you here again. It's nice to chance upon some of the old faces every now and then. Am glad you both have found love in your lives; must make this whole ordeal so much more tolerable. I know I'm a has-been here but please do keep checking in once in awhile. Brings a smile to my face, as I'm sure it does for everyone else.
posted by hadjiboy 08 December | 21:07
More or less okay. But I don't like this decade anymore and I want to go home.
posted by JanetLand 10 December | 14:25

Yeah, COVID-wise, things seem to be going OK here, considering. Tomorrow I'll jump on a plane to travel interstate for the first time since making a mad rush home in May ahead of a state border closure. All the politicians are saying no more border closure, no more large-scale lockdowns, so here's hoping.

Lots happened since I was here last - I checked in a few times and got an error, so assumed everything was lost and gave up. Found out by mistake when re-visiting MeFi for the first time in ages that MeCha was still here :-).
posted by dg 13 December | 01:39
Some of the things that happened:
Became a grandfather
Fell in love
Got engaged
Bought a house (renovations still underway)
Planned a wedding (cancelled two weeks out due to COVID)
Said 'fuck it' and went on honeymoon anyway
Lost my job
Started a consulting business
Bought a new boat
Bought a classic car
Last of the kids turned 18 (yay to no more child support!)
Got a new job
Got married
Probably some other stuff happened too.
Watched (via FB) redvixen fall in love - made me very happy to see :-)
posted by dg 13 December | 01:50
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