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18 October 2020

Tell me something good Nice serendipity:

After work, I stopped by a friend's house to pick up their bagged yard debris so I can turn it into mulch and also save them the tipping fee. [More:]

We were briefly discussing life when a bicycle rider stopped by and asked if they could have some water; they had miscalculated the distance and heat, so were feeling a bit unwell.

We invited this vacationing bicyclist to sit in the shade on my truck's tailgate while I offered a bottle of water. We all discussed the local area and life in general while letting them rest up.

Finding out that their remaining ride back was close to 10 miles, I offered to take them the remaining way since the bicycle would easily fit and I had no pressing engagements. And, they accepted!

It was so nice to be in the right place to do something so simple and small and helpful.

I often feel so useless when looking at the mess everything is is in, so this was far more worthwhile for me than for them.

Random good for the day!
I recently had to stop at a house where people were out to ask for water on a bicycle ride. I pass by the house occasionally and think, "There are good people in there."

I'm glad you were in the right place at the right time.
posted by Doohickie 19 October | 08:55
Kindness is something we all need in our lives, both giving and receiving. That was a lovely thing to do. A few years ago I had a couple of Mormon missionaries knock on a very hot day and they

I live at the end of most of the delivery drivers' routes and when everything was still locked down I asked anyone delivering if they needed to use the bathroom and a couple of them (both women - as men just pee behind a tree) were so grateful, as their usual comfort break places at pubs, restaurants, etc. were closed. Everything was done safely and I scrubbed everything down with bleach afterwards, and the towel put straight in the washing machine.

posted by Senyar 20 October | 11:33
Somehow I missed off a bit of that. I had a couple of Mormon Missionaries knock on a very hot day and they were surprised when I offered them water. British reserve usually stops people from crossing the invisible boundary of politeness.
posted by Senyar 20 October | 12:00
I'm too tired to write much now but it's great to see you guys.
posted by Miko 26 October | 22:48
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