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21 September 2020

Anyone play chess? I had a random idea.. I made a chess puzzle video on Youtube[More:]

And the way you solve it is by picking 1 of 2 moves which are correlated to videos shown in the end screen or clicking them from the description. So like 'choose your own adventure', on youtube.

It's a zany idea ('is it possible to play chess on youtube?') and probably won't work, but I feel I'll let the video percolate for a few days, see if I get any comments etc..

Strangely I got a copyright notice for a public domain recording of Bach in the background. I filed a dispute -- let's see what happens -- but apparently this is happening a lot, copyright bots inaccurately tagging classical music as infringement (because the audio fingerprint matches some label's album that contains a recording of Bach.)
Looks like the label released the copyright claim... if this idea had worked out I wonder if I would have had to go through that dispute process for each video. I kinda think Goldberg Variations + Chess is a good combo.
posted by Firas 21 September | 21:07
I have a serious love/hate relationship with chess. I really like playing, but the game taught me that I have exactly zero brain cells wired for strategic thinking of any sort.
posted by Thorzdad 24 September | 06:40
I am not a chess or competitive game person. I can do collaborative games, but singly playing to beat another person is too uncomfortable for me; I missed that part of adulting skills.
posted by mightshould 24 September | 06:49
Thorzdad: yeah I hear you. I am only now leveling up beyond the 'move 1 piece and see what the other guy does' stage, into thinking about patterns and variations. And then there is the next level of actually memorizing and analyzing old games.. not sure if I'll get to that level

mightshould: yeah. In the rare occasion I start beating someone online I have a twinge of sympathy lol
posted by Firas 25 September | 01:20
I've never learned to play chess. I'm not good at anything that requires strategic moves or planning, so it's not something that I think would appeal to me. I really admire people who can sit and look at the board for ages before making a move. I'm far too impatient for that.
posted by Senyar 26 September | 05:36
When I was a teenager, playing chess against myself felt oddly soothing on nights when I couldn't sleep. I had no strategy either. I just liked having the characters go about their business in their appointed patterns.
posted by tangerine 28 September | 10:37
tangerine, I like that approach to chess.
posted by mightshould 29 September | 07:03
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