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06 April 2020

Went out to feed the cats. Street lit with lights, squad truck, ambulance, people in hazmat gear, gurney with some integrated gear I've never seen before. Another day in the time of pandemic.

The home my wife works at went into lock-down at the end of the first week of March. She initiated breakout protocols the second week and then last weekend things hit.

A PSW was diagnosed C19 positive and then in rapid succession two residents died, another one was sent to hospital and then returned C19 positive and two staff were positive. The two dead are not counted in the C19 numbers as they were never diagnosed but it does seem likely. Four more staff are off on 14 day isolation. The director of Nursing is out. Another resident went off to hospital today.

The Director of the home texted my wife this morning saying she has symptoms and was tested. She hopes for results Monday morning.

Since I have nothing going on at the moment I may be going in to help out.

My wife is putting in an about 50 hours a week there and another 10 from home. When she comes in all her stuff (she has switched to scrubs) goes in the hamper and then she washes up. Face cloths and tea towels and other cleaning cloths also go in. I dump that all in the washer and get it going then spray down the hamper with antiviral. I clean the washer and then myself and toss that stuff in the washer.

Every couple days we do up a card and note to send to her mother in the home she is in 200 miles away.

The city has 200 confirmed cases so far and the majority of them are employees of hospitals in Detroit and area. Detroit is second only to NYC and still ramping up.

The worldwide numbers on this thing are way off. The number of people listed as C19 deaths does not come close to the above normal death numbers we are seeing. Because of a number of factors we will not really have a tally on this until at least late 2021.

Now I find out a core bit of routine might be bad. Apparently we can give cats C19. They can't give it to us but we can infect them.

Got an email a few hours ago. A old and dear friend is dying in hospice care. Not C19 related.

Last we talked was when I called to tell her another friend of hers, my ex wife, was dead. Back in November she was organizing her annual music event to benefit the hospice her mom died at. The one she is dying in now. She was around when my ex and I first met and she was around when I was a single parent and we hosted dinner parties for a diverse group of misfits and weirdos. Years later when she left her husband after a short bad marriage and took their daughter and he showed up where she was and hit her I made sure he understood that would never happen again.

Two people close to me are spinning up on manic episodes and what can I do? Try and get them into a facility? In this environment?

Anyway. Just needed to write this out somewhere. I'm not really much fun these days. This used to be a fun place.

Although I did find some grim humour today. My wife called and said she would bring home dinner. I said 'so more people died and you have leftovers?' She said 'No. Some were just too sick to eat and it got sent back. You'll be fine.' Regular Nick and Nora we are.

Please those few of you still here and all the others not. Stay well.
posted by arse_hat 06 April | 01:08
The worldwide numbers on this thing are way off. The number of people listed as C19 deaths does not come close to the above normal death numbers we are seeing. Because of a number of factors we will not really have a tally on this until at least late 2021.

If ever.

With available testing being so limited (in the US, at least) I doubt we'll ever get a true accounting of C19 deaths. There are, of course, certain people who would love to see the "official" C19 numbers be lower than predicted.
posted by Thorzdad 06 April | 07:29
I'm not watching the TV news, and only dipping into online news. It's too hard on me to watch this on TV. I don't usually suffer from anxiety, but I am very worried about getting this virus. Yet I am best placed amongst everyone I know to avoid coming into contact with people - working from home, living by myself, shopping delivered to the doorstep.

I wish I knew if this cough I've had for a while is corona-related or not. After flu in January, the cough hung on for a while, which is normal for me. Then in mid-March it got worse, a morning mucus cough, leaving me with a foul taste in my mouth. I also had an upset stomach and nausea. I put it down to norovirus, but I'm not so sure. I still have the cough and the foul taste. It's not the kind of cough I've had before. But no other corona-typical symptoms, so I'm not sure.

The Verderers have closed the forest car parks, which were overflowing yesterday. Now the forest is left to us locals. I've not been out for a walk today. I've been really busy with work and then got on with some cooking, using up a squash and a cauliflower, roasting them to make into a tagine later on, and roasting a pineapple in chunks with cinnamon and maple syrup. Distractions.

Boris Johnson is in hospital with COVID-19. I expect he'll be given treatment over and above that available to the general public. Everyone's been saying that maybe this pandemic will make the Tory government appreciate the NHS and decide to invest in it rather than sell it off to whichever private enterprise is able to offer the minimum service at the lowest cost. But politicians have short memories, so I doubt anything will change. Meanwhile, NHS medics on the front line are wearing bin liners and ski goggles due to lack of PPE.
posted by Senyar 06 April | 10:32
Thorzdad, yeah I think some people are trying not to let the numbers go up but also there just are not enough tests to go round so many deaths are not being attributed to C19. Ecuador has less than 200 official deaths but there are bodies in the streets. Until the worst of this is over and we can look at average deaths per month over 10 years and then compare them to the actual deaths per month we will not really have a good measure of the extent of this thing.

Fuck Senyar. I wish I had something to say that really helped but all I can say is some of us out here hope you stay well.
posted by arse_hat 06 April | 15:30
Oh my..... just hang on tight everyone.
posted by mightshould 06 April | 16:30
I remain grateful that our beloved 2A individuals of excess have refrained from deciding to like; save America by walking around with their mil rifles and 17 extra mags around the hip.

Hope I did not just jinx that. :/
posted by buzzman 06 April | 20:10
How's everyone doing? 3-point quarantine update || Well shit.