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08 April 2019

May I rant? The idiotic, corporate-owned US government wants to let pork producers do much of their own meat inspection. This is hugely problematic. I posted on fb. All the responses are Buy Organic and Get meat at the farmer's market. Most of the country can't afford organic meat. An awful lot of people don't have a farmer's market, or the ability to get to one, and pay for locally-sourced pork. There's a lot of entitlement and white privilege in Just Buy Organic or Just go to the Farmer's Market.

The Don't Eat Meat comments are inevitable and make the most sense.

The current US administration does not give a single fuck about the health and safety of ordinary (not-wealthy) Americans.
Hooray, the one meat that I can usually afford will get even worse! And they want to do the same thing for beef? Perfect.

Even better, "USDA officials confirmed they have no plans under the new system to test for salmonella" and "The hog plants also will no longer be required to test for E. coli".

Farmer's market pork here doesn't go much lower than $7.50/pound (bone-in pork shoulder/"boston butt", usually the cheapest cut short of buying a whole/half pig), versus frequent $1.50/pound sales at the grocery chains. Sure it's better quality, more humane, and probably creates fewer pig waste lagoons to wash into the rivers when there's a hurricane or two. That's (seriously) all great, but I haven't had a real job in almost a year and there's not really anything filling the gap between Smithfield CAFO pork and pasture-raised fancy pork - so cheap pork it is... or has been.

Most likely, climate change + hiking habit will mean another tick bite, making pork even easier for me to avoid (first bite was good for two years of mystery anaphylaxis risk after eating something with pork before it eventually cleared up) - just nature's way of saying "go vegetarian".
posted by sysinfo v2.0 08 April | 18:29
I should probably clarify that my sarcasm wasn't necessarily a Don't Eat Meat, more of a We're All F***ed, Aren't We?
posted by sysinfo v2.0 09 April | 00:00
Watched a documentary about how many stalls at farmer's markets are just people who go to the nearest food terminal and get a van or truck load of standard grower's group food and put it in cute little baskets and mark it up a huge amount. So not really a solution.

But hey self inspection worked out well for the Boeing 737 MAX right?
posted by arse_hat 09 April | 20:37
Hi, it's spring, maybe. || First look at live action Lion King