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15 June 2018

Weekend 3-point update [More:]
1. While I was at the Delaware beach the other week I was bitten to pieces by mosquitos. I got some Benadryl gel from CVS to put on the bites. It turns out I'm allergic to Benadryl, and now I have hives on top of the bites. Aloe vera gel is helping, as are Vit C tablets. But I want to rip my skin off.

2. I've had an nice ease-in back to work, with two days working from home. I'm not looking forward to going back to the office on Monday. Yesterday it was announced that there will be (voluntary) layoffs next year, with those of us remaining being transferred to a new area to work on different types of cases. I'm not going to apply for redundancy. I'd get a payoff of about a year's salary (which is taxable). But I'm seven years off my state retirement age, and it makes more sense for me to carry on working with my current employers for as long as I'm able to, stashing away as much as I can in my pension fund and savings, whilst keeping a decent salary, private health care and flexible working. I don't want a new career, I'm too old and Brexit has caused such economic uncertainty that I can't take the chance of potential unemployment. I'd rather see this job out until I can draw my pension.

3. I have a lot of gardening to do this weekend, particularly weeding my vegetable bed. But at least now the seeds I planted are growing, I can tell what's a weed and what's chard or cauliflower.
Oh lord, that's terrible about the Benadryl, Senyar.

1. I did an off-Friday breakfast ride for the first time in forever. I rode my 1966 Raleigh DL-1 Tourist.
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2. For those who don't know, we bought a new (to us) house in March. We've stalled out on the unpacking; need to get that going again.

3. This friendly guy paid me a visit today. I was just posting to the neighborhood board about him when his owner drove up and took him home.
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posted by Doohickie 15 June | 20:28
Oof for the hives. Can you take Claritin/Loratadine? That's been my relief for bites/hives/sunburn, since my reaction to Benadryl can be unpredictable.

1. I spent my day poking around at web stuff, and had more fun with it than expected.

2. I didn't get my dad anything (aside from a card) for Father's Day - I don't really know what to buy him any more other than a few rare albums that are either un-findable or super-pricey. I do owe him a visit out there that I still need to redeem.

3. Trying to start going keto, and there's just so much varying advice out there. It's way too easy to overthink a plate of beans that I'm not supposed to eat.
posted by sysinfo v2.0 15 June | 21:13
Thanks sysinfo, yes, I can take Loratadine, and found an ancient pack of Claritin at the back of my medicine chest. So I'm on that now, and will get some more today.
posted by Senyar 16 June | 06:33
EOW 3 point update.

Cat food sale so we got two cases of cans and 36kg of dry food. Keep everyone fed for a bit.

Medical issues in my wife's family mean we are now prepared for the possibility of one or even three funerals in next few days or weeks.

Hating online life so much I have been avoiding most forms of electronic communication for more than a month. I just have really had it. I looked at my email and Facebook tells me I have 31 messages, 41 group updates, 3 invites, and 79 updates. I need to write a letter.
posted by arse_hat 18 June | 01:26
1. Had our house on a neighborhood house tour this weekend which was exhausting but lots of fun.

2. I'm invited to put up a wall of my photography in a diner in my neighborhood which is so cool but the curator wants them by Saturday and I have zero prints made so far.

3. Turning 54 next week which I guess is better than not.
posted by octothorpe 25 June | 07:07
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